October 16, 2014

Follow Me Through Darkness Blog Tour: Review

Welcome to my stop on the Follow Me Through Darkness blog tour! Today I'll be sharing my review of the book with you!

Follow Me Through Darkness (The Boundless Trilogy #1)
Author: Danielle Ellison
Genre: YA Science Fiction/Dystopia
Release Date: October 21, 2014
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press


The truth won't always set you free.

Less than a year ago, Neely Ambrose’s biggest worry was having the freedom to follow a path that wasn't chosen for her.

Less than a year ago, she believed she could trust the Elders who said they had everyone’s best interest at heart and who said they were keeping them safe from the outside.

Sixty days ago, she discovered what they had planned for everyone she loved—and that all of it centered around her.
Now she’s on the run through a dangerous wasteland full of killing machines, secret organizations, and people who want to sell her back to the Elders for their own safety. The whole world outside the Compound is living proof that everything in Neely’s life was a lie manufactured by the Elders, which may even include the boy she loves.

All Neely wants is the truth, but each new piece of it drives her further from what she thought she knew. With only forty days until everyone she loves falls under the Elders’ mind control, Neely must decipher who to trust, what questions to ask, and how to get one step ahead of the Elders, who will do anything to keep their secrets buried.

Follow Me Through Darkness is an intriguing first book in a new YA dystopian trilogy. It follows main character, Neely, as she learns the awful plan the Elders have in store for everyone living inside the Compound - with her at the very center of it all. Everyone at the Compound has been taught that the land outside their walls was destroyed and dangerous. Neely's eyes have been opened and she realizes that the Elders have been lying to everyone for their own benefit. When she reads their plan for total mind control of the Compound residents, Neely knows that she must escape the Compound and face the dangers of the outside if there's any hope of saving everyone she loves. She's under a strict countdown - 40 days until the Elder's plan goes into effect - and she has to figure out who to trust, where to go for answers, and how to stop the Elders before it's too late.

The plot of the book was relatively original, which is difficult to accomplish within the science fiction/dystopian genre. I found the world building to be fascinating and wanted to learn as much as I could about everything - the (true) history of Neely's world, what the Compound is and what happens there, the kind of lives the various types of people throughout Neely's world lived - anything that could give me insight and information about the setting, characters, and the intricacies of the plot. The author did a great job with providing me with this information and I'm hoping that we'll get to learn even more in the next book. It did take the story a little while to get going - it was a bit slow at first - but once the action started happening, it didn't stop until the end. One thing that was a bit confusing at first and may have had a negative effect on my experience with the book was the extreme amount of jumping around in time. The story is split up into small sections - almost like journal entries - that begin with the countdown until the Elder's plan goes into effect. The story jumps from the present to months and even years before Neely leaving the compound, which had me confused and trying to remember the order things happened in. Because I was confused about the time frame and what was happening when, I found that I couldn't immerse myself into the book like I normally can. If it wasn't for that bit of confusion on my part, I believe I would have had an even better reading experience than I did. The characters, especially Neely, were all well written and had realistic flaws and strengths. It was easy for me to identify with Neely and root for her throughout the story. There's so much potential for this series and I'm really hoping that the jumping around in time will be less confusing for me or just in general during the book. I'll definitely be reading the next book to see what happens next and to see how the various aspects of the story are written. Definitely recommended for fans of science fiction and dystopian novels, along with those who enjoy fantasy and post-apocalyptic fiction. 

Danielle Ellison spent of her childhood reading instead of learning math. It's probably the reason she can't divide without a calculator and has spent her life seeking the next adventure. It's also probably the reason she's had so many different zip codes and jobs.

When she’s not writing, Danielle is usually drinking coffee, fighting her nomadic urges, watching too much TV, or dreaming of the day when she can be British. Danielle is also the author of SALT and STORM, a series about a snarky witch without magic. She has settled in Northern Virginia, for now, but you can always find her on twitter @DanielleEWrites. (Author information taken from Goodreads)

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