April 22, 2015

Miss Mayhem Blog Tour: Tens List Guest Post

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Miss Mayhem by Rachel Hawkins! Today I have a fun Tens List written by the author to share with you, along with a spotlight of the book!

Miss Mayhem (Rebel Belle #2)

Author: Rachel Hawkins
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: April 7, 2015
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile


Life is almost back to normal for Harper Price. The Ephors have been silent after their deadly attack at Cotillion months ago, and best friend Bee has returned after a mysterious disappearance. Now Harper can return her focus to the important things in life: school, canoodling with David, her nemesis-turned-ward-slash-boyfie, and even competing in the Miss Pine Grove pageant.

Unfortunately, supernatural chores are never done. The Ephors have decided they’d rather train David than kill him. The catch: Harper has to come along for the ride, but she can’t stay David’s Paladin unless she undergoes an ancient trial that will either kill her . . . or connect her to David for life.

10 Random Things About Rachel Hawkins

1. Thanks to a Chaucer class in grad school, I can still speak/read Middle English pretty well.
2. I have no idea what color my hair actually is. I’ve been dying it since I was 13.
3. I wrote my first “book” when I was 5. It’s 6 pages long, and about a unicorn because of course.
4. I have a tattoo, and plans to get at least 3 more (my husband has six, gotta catch up!)
5. I met Maya Angelou when I was 17. It was as wonderful and nerve-wracking as you’d think.
6. In college, I initially had my heart set in being in the FBI, but that required taking math classes, so, yeah, no.
7. My cat is named after the Loch Ness monster.
8. I got hit in the head with an arrow when I was 6. (Twas merely a flesh wound.)
9. I taught high school English for 4 years.
10. Almost all Emily Dickinson poems can be sung to the tune of “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” Okay, so that’s not technically a fact about ME, but I still felt you all should know. 

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some fun random facts about yourself Rachel!

Rachel Hawkins was born in Virginia and raised in Alabama. This means she uses words like "y'all" and "fixin'" a lot, and considers anything under 60 degrees to be borderline Arctic. Before deciding to write books about kissing and fire (and sometimes kissing while on fire), Rachel taught high school English for 3 years, and is still capable of teaching you The Canterbury Tales if you're into that kind of thing.

She is married to a geologist, which means that they have incredibly strange dinner conversations. ("So today at work, I wrote a chapter where killer fog, like, ATE PEOPLE." "Huh. Well, I was chased by an angry reindeer while trying to map parts of Norway." "Um...okay.")

Rachel also has a little boy whose main hobbies are playing video games, running around in circles, and plotting his Future Intergalactic Take-Over.

When not writing books, Rachel enjoys reading, traveling, and knitting (very terribly).

Don't forget to check out the first book in the series:


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