May 14, 2015

Review: Jesus Swagger by Jarrid Wilson

Jesus Swagger: Break Free from Poser Christianity
Author: Jarrid Wilson
Genre: Nonfiction/Religion
Release Date: February 1, 2015
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


Stop being a poser. Start being a Christian.

Is your faith for real? How about your walk?

If everyone who claimed to love Jesus actually did, this world would be pretty close to paradise. Yet we live in a time when being a poser is not only easy, it s rewarded especially where Jesus is concerned.

But claiming to love Jesus without following him is bogus, fraudulent, and frankly it s not "you." God has called you to be set apart, to live authentically, to walk a genuine "Jesus Swagger."He wants followers, not pretenders.

From Christian blogger Jarrid Wilson, "Jesus Swagger" is about calling out the phony, showing the pretender the door, and letting Jesus ininstead. If you are suspicious of your own motivations, your own talk, or evenyour own Christianity, it s time to be honest, come clean, and get real. It's time to take the "Jesus Swagger" litmus test and start walking the walk."
Jesus Swagger is a thought provoking look at Christianity targeted towards teens and young adults. It answers several questions that a young person might have - about life, religion, God, and other important topics. The book's goal is to have the reader examine their own lives - how they live, act, think, and their faith - to see if they're being the true Christian that God wants them to be, or if they are merely putting on a show for others - pretending to be the devoted Christian that they want others to think they are. The book is written with some slang - even the title contains it - and it seemed a bit silly to me at times. However, given that the book is geared toward a younger audience, I'm sure that it fits well in that age category. Otherwise, the writing is easy to understand and personal - it feels like the author is speaking to you directly when you're reading. This writing style should prove to be an effective method for a book dealing with these topics. It will also help the teen readers to identify with the author and put the lessons discussed on their level. Recommended for Christian teens and young adults who are trying to be more 'real' in their faith, as well as those readers who are curious about the religion in general.

 *Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review through the Book Look Bloggers Program.*

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