August 25, 2015

Release Day Launch + Giveaway: His Wicked Desire by Dawn Chartier

The Wicked Desire - RDL banner
It's release day for Dawn Chartier's His Wicked Desire! Check out the exclusive excerpt Dawn is sharing with us and be sure to enter her giveaway!!  

About His Wicked Desire:
He's found himself a wicked witch... 

Brye Morgeaux is a half-witch, half-warlock who always relied on her beauty-especially when it came to men. After a run-in with a particularly vicious warlock, Brye's face is left scarred, forcing her to look to who she is on the inside. And what Brye finds is darker than anything she'd imagined... 

Then she's handed a terrible ultimatum - join the warlock clan, or watch her family die. 

Josh Copeland has known the Morgeaux family for years, and has been waiting for the time when Brye would see him as something-anything-more than a friend. As she battles darkness from within and without, he realizes the woman he loves might just be her own worst, wicked enemy. Now Josh must find a way to show Brye who she really is...before she kills him.

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Even Josh had told her that in a heated argument a few years ago. The only reason your sisters offered you a partnership was because of your beauty. They know men can’t say no to you.
Damn Josh for planting that stupid thought. Sure, it was her job to wine and dine clients, but she’d liked to think it was because they liked what her company had to offer, and she was a great negotiator—not because of her looks.

Besides, there was one man who had said no. Maybe he’d forgotten all about it, but she hadn’t and never would. She shook her head. “It’s done. Put the pity party behind you and move on.”
Dawn ChartierDawn might occasionally have a gator parked in her front yard there on the bayou, but it's the snakes that really scare the bejeezus out of her. So instead, she tends to hole herself up with a good romance book, chocolate by the pound, or marathon tv viewing of Game of Thrones, Hell On Wheels, Downton Abbey, various home renovation shows and Supernatural---oh Dean. *swoons*
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  1. Interesting premise for this story. Love the sexy cover!

  2. Sounds pretty interesting and quite sexy.

  3. Def makes me want to check His Wicked Desire!!
    Mary G Loki