August 9, 2014

Wordless Blog Tour: Tens List + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the WORDLESS blog tour! Today I have a tens list written by the author to share - and don't forget to enter the giveaway!!

Wordless (Words Made Flesh #1)
Author: AdriAnne Strickland
Genre: YA Science Fiction/Dystopia
Release Date: August 8, 2014
Publisher: Flux


“The Gods made their Words into flesh, giving privileged individuals the powers of creation...”

In Eden City, a member of the illiterate wordless class would never dream of meeting the all-powerful Words ... much less of running away with one. So when a gorgeous girl literally falls into his lap during a routine trash run, seventeen-year-old Tavin Barnes isn’t sure if it’s the luckiest or worst day of his life. That girl is Khaya, the Word of Life, who can heal a wound or command an ivy bush to devour a city block with ease. And yet she needs Tavin’s help.

By aiding Khaya’s escape from the seemingly idyllic confines of Eden City, Tavin unwittingly throws himself into the heart of a conflict that is threatening to tear the world apart. Eden City’s elite will stop at nothing to protect the shocking secret Khaya hides, and they enlist the other Words, each with their own frightening powers, to bring her back.


"Just the right amount of pizzazz in the form of cinematic action and naked, sexy fun.... [An] intriguing, original science-fantasy setting sure to attract fans." - Kirkus Reviews

"A fast-paced blend of sci-fi and fantasy with scary real-world implications, Wordless grabbed hold of me from the start and wouldn't let me go. Brilliant." - Chelsea Pitcher, author of The S-Word and The Last Changeling

"Strickland's fast-paced debut... raises questions of identity and belonging.... Even the least ethical characters prove emotionally vulnerable." - Publishers Weekly
Top 10 Favorite Travel Spots

1.) Great Wall of China -- China was my first travel experience outside of the U.S.--I studied abroad here for 6 months in college--and it blew my mind. The Great Wall is one of the Wonders of the World for a reason.
2.) Koh Mak, Thailand -- A very untourist-y island off the coast of Thailand, especially in the off-season. Stunningly beautiful, unspoiled, unpretentious. In the month I was here after I graduated from college, I ate lots of just-caught fish and squid, swam, and laid in a hammock quite frequently. A great place to take a breather, especially after writing a thesis!
3.) Essaouira, Morocco -- Morocco is a vibrant, lively, sensuous place, and Essaouira is a jewel on the coast. I lived here for 5 months with my husband, and the feel of the sun-baked medina walls, the flash of the bright colors, the spicy smells, the echoing calls to prayer, and the flavor of fresh-squeezed orange juice will forever stay with me.
4.) Ebodje, Cameroon -- About as off-the-beaten path as you can get, if that's your thing. In/around this little fishing village you'll find gorgeous beaches, sea turtles, NO tourists (or tourist infastructure), palm wine, and incredibly friendly locals. Even just getting here will be the ride of your life. 
5.) Loire Valley, France -- Feel like royalty while living (relatively) cheaply. Even a shoe-string picnic (like the one pictured) will feel like a decadent feast on the lawn of a castle like Chambord. Also, there's lots of wine at any budget.
6.) Venice, Italy -- It's Venice. Enough said. No matter how hyped-up this place is, it lives up to it. Also, I was there for Carnival, so I could dress like a mafiosa. 
7.) Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico -- But I don't mean Cancún. I mean Mayan ruins. These places exploded my mind. Uxmal (pictured) was my favorite, because it was the most overgrown with the fewer people. I felt like Indiana Jones.
8.) Tokyo, Japan -- Because where else can you walk around at all times of the day or night and feel safe, and on top of that meet... Cloud from Final Fantasy VII?!
9.) Ilha de Moçambique, Mozambique -- A Portuguese colonial ruin on an island in remote northern Mozambique. This place is tough to get to, but when you're there, it feels like you've stepped into another time period.
10.) Alaska -- Last, but not least: my current home. Alaska has nature like you've never seen, anywhere. This is the glacier that feeds the Matanuska River, which I live next to. Really, if you like breathtaking vistas, hiking, rafting, climbing, skiing, wildlife, anything... there's no place like Alaska.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your favorite travel spots AdriAnne!!
AdriAnne Strickland was a bibliophile who wanted to be an author before she knew what either of those words meant. She shares a home base in Alaska with her husband, but has spent two cumulative years living abroad in Africa, Asia, and Europe. While writing occupies most of her time, she commercial fishes every summer in Bristol Bay, because she can't seem to stop. Her debut YA sci-fi/fantasy, WORDLESS, is coming 2014 from Flux Books.
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