Books For Trade - UPDATED!

UPDATE: I have WAY too many books for trade to list them all or show the covers. Instead, I'll be linking to my Goodreads trade list to show all the titles I currently have for trade. I am open to all trade offers and will also sell finished titles to those who don't have anything to trade. If you have any questions - just ask!

Goodreads Trade Shelf 

My shelves are currently being overrun by books, so I thought I'd set up a trade page. I have tons of different genres available! If you don't see something on my wishlist, please don't hesitate to contact me to offer something else. I want this to be a win-win for everyone! Any questions - just ask!

Please Note: Not all covers are the same as the pictures. Also, almost all of these books are NEW, but some have been gently used. Some are hardcover, some paperback. Some are even signed. If you want to know more about a certain title, please feel free to email me.

Those are what I have for now, but I know there are more hiding around the house. I'll keep the list updated as often as I can. Here are my wishlist links: 

Dying to Get - Unreleased
Super Excited to Get - Unreleased
Dying to Get 
Super Excited to Get

I look forward to hearing from you!! 

My email is: stephward84(at)hotmail(dot)com


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