June 12, 2015

After Hours Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway

After Hours
Author: Claire Kennedy
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release Date: June 16, 2015
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance


Isa, Xavi, Peter, and Finn know that a job at the high-end Waterside Cafe isn't just about waiting tables. It's about the gossip, the hook-ups, the after-hours parties and, most of all, it's about Tips.

Tips--the high-stakes game based on dares. Whoever completes the most dares wins the collected money. A sum that could change a wasted summer into a Summer to Remember.

Isa is the new girl with an embarrassing secret, and as long as she stays on top of her game, she sees no reason why anyone could ever find out.

Xavi will do anything for the money...absolutely anything.

Peter, Xavi's stepbrother, has been in love with her for years, and he thinks the game is the perfect time to confess his feelings.

Finn is in the game just for the thrill. He has enough tips coming in to keep him happy...even if those tips come with some conditions.

From seduction to stealing to threats, the dares are a complete free-for-all, and only the best can win.

The sophisticated Waterside Cafe is anything but classy behind the scenes...and things are about to get dirty.
Ten Random Things About Me

1) I’m a packrat. No, seriously. I HATE throwing things away. I have to force myself to trash stuff! I once lived with a girl who threw EVERYTHING away, even stuff she needed, which was actually really good for me—it helped me find a happy medium. Well, sort of. I still have a few odds and ends that I’ve kept that should really go live at Goodwill.

2) I played college volleyball! I still absolutely love the sport and play to this day—indoor, outdoor, you name it, I’ll play.

3) I rock climb! I used to be better at it than I am now. My goal is to be lead climb certified one day.

4) I once won a coloring contest without even coloring the picture. Either I’m really lucky, no one else entered, or the other kids were just really terrible with crayons.

5) I grew up in a town so small we had to drive 45 minutes just to get to a Wal-Mart. In fact, going to Wal-Mart (or Sears, or JC Penney) was a pretty big deal.

6) I love cats, but I don’t own one.

7) I’m 5’11”, but I still love wearing high heels!

8) I live in Nashville, but I’m a terrible musician. I can play about five chords on the guitar.

9) I live with an amazing singer! Listen to her here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whQPQN-OpDw

10) My dad is an awesome volleyball coach and has one of the best records in the state of Nebraska. He hosts huge volleyball camps every summer! 

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some fun facts about yourself today Claire!
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Claire Kennedy is a pen name for author Amanda K. Morgan. She is a freelance writer living in Nashville, TN. She covers events and works as a technical writer when she isn't working on her YA novels.

At age 15, Amanda finished her first novel and continued to write in college, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in English and an emphasis in Creative Writing.

Amanda is an avid volleyball player and spends time playing both indoors and out. When Amanda isn't writing, she enjoys being entirely too busy and trying new things. Endeavors as of late include appearances in music videos, TV, and movies, rock climbing, and attending as many concerts and shows as her schedule allows.

Amanda headed up the Do The Write Thing for Nashville Project (with co-organizers/authors Victoria Schwab and Myra McEntire), which tapped some of the biggest authors, editors, and agents in the industry for an online auction that raised over $70,000 for Midsouth flood relief.

For more information on Amanda's freelance or technical writing, contact her.

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