May 20, 2018

Spotlight: Going Places by Kathryn Berla

Going Places
Author: Kathryn Berla
Genre: YA Contemporary
Release Date: March 20, 2018
Publisher: Amberjack Publishing


Hudson Wheeler is a teen for whom everyone had high expectations, but since his father was killed when he was ten, he's felt unmotivated to pursue much other than his art. During his senior year, he decides to home school, thinking he will get to relax and focus on his two lazy businesses. But instead, he experiences love and rejection for the first time; meets an athletic girl who shows him by example what it means to be a man; and solves the painful mystery of the WWII vet whose poignant plight forces Hudson out of the comfort zone of boyhood.

Believer in love at first sight and happily ever after.

I like the idea of cats but prefer the reality of dogs.

Sometimes bumper stickers get it right. Mean people really do suck.

I write about whatever interests me or makes me happy.

B.A. in English Literature from University of California, Berkeley

Resident of the practically perfect San Francisco Bay Area

Family + Friends + Writing + Reading = me

(Author info & photo taken from their website.)




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