June 28, 2018

Chosen Blog Tour: Excerpt + Giveaway


Chosen (Fighting Fate #1)
Author: Paulina Ulrich
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: October 31, 2013


Nothing can stand in the way of outspoken, rule-breaker-extraordinaire; Kaddy Richston…except destiny. She set her sights on being in a rock band and leaving her small Wyoming town along with the painful memories of her past.

But destiny had other plans for her.

The observant Cole Huntington enters her life and becomes the bump in the road Kaddy is trying to pave for her future. Striking blue eyes, features to make any girl swoon, he’s everything but the new-to-town bad boy. Calm, cool, and always collected, he plans on unraveling every one of Kaddy’s dark secrets.

Kaddy is determined to undermine whatever intentions he has until she learns of a destiny she never asked for. The only person she can turn to for answers is the last person she’d want help from: Cole Huntington, who seemed to dislike her rule-breaking as much as she dislikes his rule-following.

“People like me?” We made eye contact again and the stare down began. Cole took a step closer and my heart rate spiked from the sudden butterflies in my stomach. Like I had been doused in ice-cold water, the words I had prepared quickly froze and my thoughts jumbled.

His blue eyes held me and I had to blink a few times to regain control over myself. I took in a sharp breath. “You don’t belong in my world, and I don’t belong in yours. Simple as that.”

His brow scrunched together. “You don’t even know me.” Cole sounded offended. Good.

“You’re right, I don’t, and you don’t know me. So let’s just assume all the wrong things about each other and go on living our lives.” I tried to walk past him, but he prevented me from doing so.

“But I want to assume all the right things, Kaddy.” His voice softened the second my name left his lips and my bones felt like Jell-O. I wanted to slap myself and not be defeated by his charm or whatever the hell he did to me. For the first time in a long time, I was at a loss for words.

My heart started racing again as I took in what he said. I caught my eyes wandering over his face in renewed awe. I probably looked like a freaking idiot. Whether or not he saw the cautious hope in my face, his demeanor softened too. His broad shoulders relaxed and for a moment, I stared at his lips that threatened to twitch into a smile. My coursing heart wanted to see that smile, but my rational brain was a no-go on that situation. His smile would probably be a smug one, like he knew he was winning. I wasn’t about to let him think that.

“Mmhmm, I’m sure you do.” I tried to hold my sarcastic tone, but it came out playful. Was that an unintentional flirt? With the way that sounded, all I needed to add was a wink and a hair toss at him and I’d be another fangirl.

Cole’s already fantastically blue eyes seemed to brighten. A wickedly beautiful smile flashed upon his lips just then and he leaned closer to me. Once again it was like my heart was throwing all notions of personal space out the window for this guy. My silver eyes never wavered from his, even when his lips were little more than a few inches from my face. I found myself clenching my fists to keep from pulling his body against mine.
After receiving her BA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing, she now writes full time with, of course, her cats to keep her company. She is the author of the Flightless Bird series, the award nominated Fighting Fate series and many more stories to come. She also writes nonfiction and has been published in various literary magazines. When she’s not writing, reading, or doing author-y stuff, she’s out buying way too many cute shoes…