June 26, 2019

Courting Kate Blog Tour: Excerpt + Giveaway

Courting Kate (Panthers Players #1)
Author: Tori Kron
Genre: Adult Sports Romance
Publication Date: June 23, 2019

Publisher: Acorn Publishing


Slapped with court ordered community service for brawling—again, Miller Cassidy, the Indianapolis Panther’s star player, is forced into laboring under stodgy non-profit supervisor, Kate Gallagher. Her saving grace—she happens to be best friends with Stella, the woman he’s been chasing for years.

Despite the masses falling for his charm, Kate doesn’t care for Miller’s notorious reputation or his flippant behavior. But wanting to impress her strict boss, she agrees to a trade that could give them both a shot at success.

Propelled into an unlikely alliance, Miller finds himself taking a defensive stance when he sees beyond Kate’s hard exterior. And Kate is equally thrown off guard when she discovers there’s more to Miller than games.

But is love worth sacrificing friendship? And can Miller let go of the feelings for Stella he’s held onto for years?

In love and basketball, it’s five fouls and you’re out, and every play counts.

As Kate’s body shifted, Miller noticed she’d removed her stiff suit coat, leaving her slim cut dress shirt on display. She’d undone the top two buttons, so a lace lined camisole peaked through the slight vee. He’d pictured her as a cotton type, so the dainty lace was a surprise. Especially how it faintly covered the shadowed dip in her chest. Did boring business suit Kate have a sensual side?

Distracted by the intriguing sight, Miller stumbled on the fringed edge of the living room rug as he made his way across the space. The clumsy player caught himself on the back of an oversized chair and righted his position.

“Are you okay?” Kate rushed to Miller’s side. Her hands wrapped his arms as she attempted to help him regain his footing.

The player jerked at her warm touch.

“I’m fine.” Miller navigated around the seat and plopped down on the couch once more. “I just tweaked my knee at practice.”

The player rubbed his right knee to further solidify his story. There was no way he was going to admit that he’d tripped because he’d been staring at Kate. What even caused him to do that? Kate was dull, too serious, and worst of all, she was Stella’s friend. Maybe he was just tired? Lack of sleep could make a person delusional.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Kate replied.

A slight look of concern graced her face, and Miller’s chest grew heavy. Was she actually worried about him? Sure, a few of the jersey chasers had tried to mother him over the years, but their motivation had always been obvious. Plus, he was used to the sharp cut of Stella’s eyes. They rarely held sympathy. However, Kate looked genuinely concerned. And Miller wasn’t sure how he felt about that.

“It’s not a big deal. I just need some rest.” Miller attempted an assured grin. She’d know he was lying if he went for a full on smile, so he had to play it cool. Or as cool as he could when he suddenly felt an overwhelming warmth swell through his body.

Luckily, it was well known that he’d had knee surgery a few years before, so hopefully Kate believed his cover. This was one time Miller wasn’t mad about all the media coverage he got.

“You sure you’re okay?” Kate rose from her perch and stood over him. “I can get you some ice.”

“Positive,” Miller said. “Totally fine.”

He was fine, the player told himself again. It wasn’t Kate that had an effect on him. She couldn’t.

It was simply that he wasn’t used to seeing a woman other than his sister or Stella in his personal space. That was all, Miller reasoned. Because there was simply no other explanation.
Tori Kron has spent ten years educating middle school students in the art of English writing. She is a proud graduate of Purdue University, where she discovered a love for nearby Chicago and the adventures that awaited within. When Tori isn’t in front of the classroom, you can find her working with fellow authors in the Midwest Writers Guild or traveling the world with friends. In between excursions, she happily resides in Evansville, Indiana with her husband and son.



  1. I love to watch and play basketball, so this book sounds extra exciting!

  2. Thanks for being on the tour! :)