July 8, 2019

The Forgotten Series Blog Tour: Excerpt + Giveaway

I am stoked to be hosting a stop on the blog tour for THE FORGOTTEN Series by Cecilia Randell! I have an excerpt to share with you today check it out and enter to win the giveaway below!

A FORGOTTEN GODDESS (The Forgotten #1)
Author: Cecilia Randell
Release Date: September 20, 2018
Publisher: Cecilia Randell
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 236

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An abandoned Egyptian goddess follows her visions to Ireland, and finds more than she ever bargained for... 

An abandoned Egyptian goddess follows her visions to Ireland, and finds more than she ever bargained for...

Bat Sitru used to be a goddess. Well, technically she still is. But with no followers, no temples, and only the overly mischievous cat-goddess Bastet as a friend, it's difficult to lay claim to the title.

When her visions—once faded—return to her, they point to a land in the north, one of green slopes, mist, and rainbows. She is shown a hope for comfort and home, something that has long been missing from her existence.

Once there, she begins to wonder if her visions have led her wrong. She's cold, damp, and her new landlords, the O’Loinsigh brothers, are not particularly welcoming. On top of that, she is confronted by a dead leprechaun on the rear stoop, a dagger that sucks the life of immortals, and territorial gods.

As past secrets collides with the present, will Bat be able to carve a place for herself in this new land? Or will this goddess be forgotten once more?

Please note: A previous, and shorter, version of this story was released in the anthology Shamrocked. This is also a slow-burn RH.

Author: Cecilia Randell
Release Date: December 6, 2018
Publisher: Cecilia Randell
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 291

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A storm is brewing, and this goddess does not like the damp… 

Bat Sitru, an Egyptian goddess, is content in her new life in Sligo, Ireland. She tends the bar, participates in all the sing-songs she cares to, and is making new friends. The only thing she could wish to change is her relationship with the O’Loinsigh brothers—they’ve grown distant, and she’s afraid to upset the careful balance the four of them have found.

Before she can figure out what to do about that distance, an invitation arrives from the head of the O’Loinsigh family, leading to the revelation of long-held secrets and her visions come to life once more. What she will need to face this time is nothing so simple as a mad woman out for revenge—old legends are stirring as an ancient evil seeks to return.

Along with Dub, Mell, Shar, the reluctant Finn, and a host of other outcasts, Bat will confront a growing conspiracy of fae, gods, Fomoiri, and an evil long locked away. All she wants is to enjoy her strawberries and tea, and maybe a kiss or two, but sometimes a goddess has to do…

Well, a goddess has to do what a goddess has to do. 

THE FINAL MELODY (The Forgotten #3)
Author: Cecilia Randell
Release Date: April 27, 2019
Publisher: Cecilia Randell
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 255

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Bat Sitru and her merry band of fae are officially on the run... 

Or are they on the hunt? It's hard to tell. Separated from Dub and Shar, Bat can only concentrate on getting through the next steps of their piece-meal plan to defeat Balor. They have all the tools to defeat the would-be god, now they just have to pull it all together.

With new and unexpected allies, as well as a horde of sluagh on their heels, Bat and her boys race to find Tir Hudi and the cauldron before their enemies know they're there.

In the end, it will be up to her, that forgotten goddess, to restore the balance and prevent the world from descending into chaos...

Note: Yes, for those who have not read the first two books yet, this is a "why choose" type romance.
Dub’s gaze pierced into her. Suddenly his hands were around her upper arms, and he pulled her up.

Then his lips were on hers. The kiss was hard, fierce, and his movements sharp. But the heat of him spread through her, and she softened, sinking into his hold. Bat opened her mouth beneath his and welcomed him into her.

This was what she'd been missing. He'd kissed her, the once, and then nothing.

Now he kissed her again, staking his claim. And that's what it was. He was showing the world, well, Cuchi, just who this goddess belonged to.

Bat lifted her hands and clutched at his sides. He still held her upper arms firmly, and she couldn't reach around him, but this was just fine as well.

She slid her tongue along his, and he pulled back to nip at her lower lip before diving back into her mouth. His hands slid up her arms and to her neck, cradling her, his thumbs brushing against her jaw. The strokes were short, smooth and enticing.

She wrapped her arms all the way around his waist and pressed against him, reveling in the firm muscles.

This. Yes, this.


A throat cleared.

Someone snickered.


A new heat appeared behind her, close enough she could sense it, but not so close she could feel the person's body. New hands gripped her arms and she moaned. How had they not done this for two months? Two whole months since they'd really touched her...

How she'd wanted them. Dub. Shar. Mell. And now Finn. The four of them, they would be perfect...

The four of them.

Grainne's visage flashed before her.

Four of them.

She crashed back to reality just as Mell succeeded in pulling her from his brother.

Oh, gods, what had she done? There was a reason she was holding back from them. She stared, eyes wide, at Dub. He was breathing heavily, his face drawn in tight lines. His hands still cradled her neck, the oh so careful strength there speeding her heart once more.

Mell stepped back, taking her with him, until they'd backed to the first row of bookshelves. She pulled her attention from the oldest brother and found Shar. Her giant stared at her, lips tight and cheeks flushed. Finn took a step toward her, swallowed, and stopped.

"Well, that happened." Ailis leaned back in her chair. "Thank goodness. Now we can all stop prancing around the issue." She pointed at Bat. "Ya all want her." She pointed at the brothers in turn, hesitated a moment, her expression thoughtful, then pointed at Finn. "And she wants all of ya." The pointing finger turned into a wave of her hand. "Ya need to all just go get this out of yer systems. Or at least settle it. But not now. Now we have ta figure out what the hell is going on."

Bat stared at her. Ailis was right. They should not be kissing or seducing or thinking of sex at a time like this. The men of ba had just been practically slaughtered, and she was worried about kisses...

"The goddess has her needs. We should not be impinging on them," Ari said, as though he sensed her thoughts.

Bat's cheeks heated. Dub sucked in a deep breath and uncurled his clenched fists. Mell soothed his hands over her arms. Shar, his face flushed, straightened her chair and waited for her to be seated.

Finn rolled his shoulders and nodded to Ailis. “The fae is correct.” Heated green eyes met hers and he licked his lips. “I do want you. And we need to get on with our planning.”

Dub jerked and closed his eyes. He was on the edge of his control.

Bat stepped forward. “I am being a wanker.”

Shar and Dub’s brows drew together, and the youngest brother opened his mouth, but she cut him off.
“I am. I am worried about my feelings, hiding in my anger and fear when there is something so much bigger confronting us.”

Mell’s hand settled against her back. “You deserve to be angry.”

Did she? Maybe. Yes. But they could not afford it, not now. Not with the vessel stolen, a possible attack coming against the pub, and the O’Loinsighs’ father most likely conspiring with Balor. “I will be.” She focused on Dub. “Later.” The word held a promise, not just of her anger, but of everything else still unsaid. “For now, we need a plan.” She held her hand out to Dub. “Sit by me?”

As Dub stepped forward and slid his callused hand into her much smaller one, she came to a realization. She couldn’t continue as she had. And she was unwilling to give up her new home, or any of the brothers or Finn. She didn’t want just part of them, though. She didn’t just want a warm room or the pub or friends. She didn’t want a temple, refuge or supplicants. She didn’t only want nights with music and Guinness and admittedly wonderful scenery in the form of wide shoulders and flashing eyes. She wanted the kisses and caresses and heated nights. She wanted to be able to hold them to her, and comfort them when they needed it. She wanted to be able to speak the words that Horus and Seth had never needed or wanted from her. She wanted… She wanted it all.

She deserved it all.

Cecilia Randell was born in Austin, Texas and grew up in a home with her very own Cheerful Bulldozer.  After some brief adventures in various places such as California and Florida, she returned to her hometown and took up a career in drafting.  A lifetime lover of words and stories, the transition to writing was two-fold: a comment from a relative and a short line from another author, saying to write what you want to read.

And thus the new adventure was born.

Now she can be found most days curled up in a comfy chair and creating new tales to share with others.

(1) winner will receive a signed set of the books - US Only.
(3) winners will receive the series in ebooks - International.

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