June 30, 2012

Review: The Living Room by Bill Rolfe

The Living Room
Author: Bill Rolfe
Genre: Fiction
Release Date: January 12, 2012 

Amazon Summary:

When success and even love are not enough, you need a miracle...

Daniel Clay has good looks, money, and a rising career as a New York investment advisor. Meanwhile, his personal life is barren of love and family. But when a distant relative dies and leaves him a house in England, Daniel embarks on a life-changing journey--toward love and his soul's awakening.

He meets and falls in love with Claire, a children's palliative care nurse. With her help, he opens his home and heart to comfort young patients in their final days. As Claire tends to the children in a beautiful glassed-in room overlooking the sea, Daniel prays for miracles. Just when his prayers are answered, a mysterious illness strikes him down and relentlessly drains away his life. With no hope for a cure, Daniel holds fast to a deep secret that he can never reveal. And now, he needs a miracle of his own.
The Living Room is an intriguing look inside the life of Daniel Clay, a man who believes he has it all in life. After realizing that perhaps he is missing something important, he takes a vacation to England to settle a family estate. There he meets Claire and finds what he has been missing. He finds true meaning in his life and fills a void in his soul he didn't know existed before Claire.
The novel is a wonderfully heartfelt story, even if the plot seemed a bit cliche and overused. The backstory behind the novel itself, which is shared by the author, is truly interesting and makes the book all the more meaningful. The narrative flows well and Daniel's character development is quite evident - although predictable. This is a good old fashioned story of love, hope, and finding happiness. A short but great book worth reading.

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