January 29, 2016

It's All Your Fault Tour: Review + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for It's All Your Fault! I have my review of the book to share with you today - and don't forget to enter the awesome giveaway! To follow the rest of the tour, check out the schedule at the bottom of the post.

It's All Your Fault
Author: Paul Rudnick

Genre: YA Contemporary
Release Date: January 26, 2016
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Format: Hardcover; ebook; audiobook
304 pages


One last chance. One wild weekend. Flat out the funniest book of the year. 

My name is Caitlin and up until forty-eight hours ago I had never: 

Tasted alcohol, kissed a boy, sang in public at the top of my lungs, kidnapped anyone or--WHAT? STOLEN A CONVERTIBLE? 

Now I'm in jail and I have no idea what I'm going to tell: 

The police, my parents, the mayor, all of those camera crews and everyone on Twitter. 

I have just noticed that: 

My nose is pierced and I have-WAIT? IS THAT A TATTOO? 

I blame one person for this entire insane weekend: 

My famous cousin. 

Who is also my former best friend. 

Who I have HATED for the past four years. 

Who I miss like crazy. NO I DON'T!!!! 



“Paul Rudnick is one of the funniest people out there and he’s on fire with It’s All Your Fault. This book is as fun and crazy as a wild night out. I had to know what happened next.” — Andy Cohen, host of Watch What Happen Live 
“Paul Rudnick makes me screech with laughter and sob with fury that I can’t write the way he does.” – E. Lockhart, New York Times bestselling author of We Were Liars 
“Caution: Do not read in public. Will cause you to laugh (and possibly cry) out loud, sometimes at the same time. Screamingly funny and yet warmly touching. Buy multiple copies: You’ll want to share this one with friends.” – Meg Cabot, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Princess Diaries and Mediator series 
«“Hilarious, irresistible, and oh so timely.” — Kirkus, starred review https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/paul-rudnick/its-all-your-fault/ 
“Eschewing common sense and exhibiting a great deal of heart, this is one riotously good read.” 
“[A] whirlwind, laugh-a-minute escapade about a girl swept far outside her comfort zone, 
with real heart beneath the acid humor.” — Publishers Weekly http://www.publishersweekly.com/978-0-545-46428-4

It's All Your Fault is a quick and fun young adult contemporary novel that will leave readers laughing - even after they've finished the book. The story is about one epic weekend that led  "good girl"Caitlin to do things she never thought she was capable of - like getting a tattoo, getting put in jail, and stealing a car - to name a few. She doesn't know what to tell everyone who's asking her a million questions - her parents, the cops, the mayor of her town, her church's reverend, and a ton of lawyers, news reporters and paparazzi. 

This was a really fast and funny YA contemporary novel that I ended up reading in a few hours. I'm not a big fan of the genre, but this book sounded fun and interesting - kind of a breath of fresh air for me. I'm so glad I took the chance and read this book! The story is told by Caitlin, our main character, as she goes over all of the events and situations that have occurred during the past weekend. I'm a big advocate for first person point of view, and I'm so glad that the author chose to write the book this way. I loved getting to know Caitlin and hearing about all of the craziness that she was involved in over the weekend in question. Since it's written in first person, we get a really personal connection with Caitlin and are privy to her every thought, her fears and other emotions, and memories. Caitlin is a realistic main character and I immediately loved her from the first page of the book. The plot is fun, ridiculous, and inventive. I've never read a novel like this before. It seemed like Caitlin was telling me the story of what happened (or like I was right there beside her the entire time). There's so many little things about the book that I loved - I can't even begin to talk about them all. I'm pretty much a "good girl" too, just like Caitlin, so I could easily relate to her thoughts and feelings - and appreciate how out of character and ridiculous the things she did were. I can't really say much more about the book - you need to pick up a copy and experience it yourself. It's a great story that made me laugh out loud (which doesn't happen often) and is the perfect read for when you're having a bad day. The chapters are short, the pace is natural but quick and easy to read, and the story is truly fun. I highly recommend this book to fans of the genre, as well as readers who are looking for a light read or something different from the norm. Pick up this book now!
Paul Rudnickis a critically acclaimed novelist, playwright, and screenwriter. His screenplays include In&Out and Addams Family Values, and he’s written for Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, and the New Yorker. His plays, including I Hate Hamlet and Jeffrey, have been produced both on and off Broadway and around the world. His first young adult novel, Gorgeous, was called a “wicked good time” by the New York TimesBook Review. Under the pen name Libby Gelman-Waxner, he is also the world’s most beloved and irresponsible film critic. Paul lives in New York City. Find him online at http://paulrudnick.com/ and on Twitter @PaulRudnickNY. 

Giveaway Details: 
(5) winners will receive a finished copy of IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT - US Only!

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  1. i love the idea of this book! It promises humor and a fun read. Thanks for sharing this new book and author for me. I can't wait to read it!!