June 23, 2016

App Review: Kash Karnival


Hey everyone! Today I'm trying something a bit different - reviewing an app! I've never done one of these types of reviews before, and I'm excited to give it a shot and to introduce you to a really fun - and FREE - gaming app!

The app is called KASH KARNIVAL, and it's described as a "free-to-play casino gaming hub" on the website. There are quite a few games to play in two different areas within the app - Skill District and Adventure Casino. Both offer games where you can place bets on your skills - and even cash in for real items! (More on that awesomeness later!)

The Different Sections of the Kash Karnival

The Kash Karnival is split up into four different areas:

- The Skill District: Looking for games that rewards you for your skill? The Adventure Casino is where you can bet in games that challenges your speed, reflexes and mental flexibility!

- The Adventure Casino: Looking for slots with an extra "oomph!"? How about a game of Blackjack with drinks instead of cards? If these tickles your fancy then the Adventure Casino is a place for you!

- The Lottery Alley: Got Lottery Tickets to spare and feeling especially lucky? The Lottery Alley is the place to go where you can win more Remos, Kash Rewards, Luck and even merchandise!

- Where all the fun and festivities begins! This is where you will be able to visit all of the above fantastic places as well as interact with all the wacky and zany characters such as Mr. Snuffles – the talking gorilla, Betty Flowerwinkle - the woman with the most dangerous umbrella collection, or even the mystery man with the hat – Mojikan!

"The Adventure Casino is a zone for social and online casino players. It contains a variety of popular and entertaining casino games, all with unique twists. Feeling lucky? Head-on over to experience engaging slot games, blackjack, bingo and much more." 

The newest game in the Adventure Casino is Viktor's Juke Joint Multihand Blackjack. I'm not a huge fan of blackjack (or of many card games, really) - but I had fun playing this version with it's great graphics and fun atmosphere. I liked all of the games in this section of the app, but one of my favorites was bingo. I've always had a thing for bingo - and this version made it even more fun by having you collect certain items to dress "Betty" up for her date. It was really fun and cute - not to mention addictive!

"The Skill District is for gamers who love games, but also want to bet on their skill. Players can participate in many types of skill games including arcade, puzzle, endless runners and many more. Bet on your skills and beat the odds in our fast paced arenas!"

The Skill District is pretty much how it's described - based on your skill at playing various games! One of my favorites - and a newer addition - is Kookie Kapers, a game where the goal is to catch (or dodge!) certain foods on a tray that sits on the character's head. It's a great game for newbies like myself, who don't really game much - but it can get really tough the higher you get throughout the game! Almost all of the games in the Skill District are easy to learn and play, even if you don't want to bet on yourself and your "skills." 

 Lottery Alley is basically the place to go when you want to win or even buy more Remos (coins), Kash Rewards, Luck, and even cash in for real merchandise! Here's where the really cool part comes in! Kash Karnival has a rewards store where you can cash in your Kash Rewards for real life stuff - from electronics (like cell phones, tablets, headphones, etc.) to fashion items (like watches, bags, wallets, etc.) and even sports stuff and homewares! The store is constantly upgrading with lots of new items - so be sure to check in often for the newest goodies! I know you're looking for the fine print that says you have to purchase Kash Rewards or something else in order to get these prizes - but that's the awesome part - you don't! You build up Remos and Kash Rewards by betting on and winning games, bonus features and rewards, and just by playing. You literally don't have to spend your own money if you don't want to! (Of course, there are opportunities to buy extra Remos, Kash Rewards, Luck, and other in-app items, if you would like.) It takes a while to build up enough to cash in for the bigger prizes, but it's worth it in the end - especially if you love playing the games and come back often. 

Overall, this app is super fun and I definitely recommend it to game lovers of all ages! There's something for everyone to play - whether you're a newbie or an advanced gamer - and the graphics are so fun & cute that it makes the experience even better. Join in today - for free! - and start racking up those Kash Rewards!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the makers of the application.

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