July 30, 2018

Go to Sleep, Little Creep Blog Tour: Review

Go to Sleep, Little Creep
Author: David Quinn
Illustrator: Ashley Spires
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Release Date: July 24, 2018
Publisher: Crown BFYR 


A rhyming picture book with humor and heart that’s a wonderful bedtime addition for the “little monster” in your life. Includes illustrations from bestselling author/illustrator Ashley Spires of The Most Magnificent Thing.

Even monsters have to go to sleep. But before little trolls turn out the light and werewolves settle in to dream, there’s fur to be brushed, pajamas to find, and moons that need howling. So grab your cuddly critter and snuggle in for this new bedtime tradition.

Debut storyteller David B. Quinn teams up with bestselling author/illustrator Ashley Spires to create a wondrously funny and supremely sweet picture book sure to charm little creeps who aren’t quite ready to fall asleep.


Go to Sleep, Little Creep is an adorable twist on a typical "bedtime" book. The parents are trying to get their little monsters to go to sleep because the sun's coming up and it's time for bed. There are mummies, zombies, vampires, fish creatures, Godzilla-type monsters, Frankenstein monsters, ghosts, werewolves, sasquatch, and some 'regular' monsters. Each have their own part in the book that match up with the rhyming story. I thought the story itself was cute and I loved how the author flipped the usual nighttime story with one that monster parents would use for their kids. The rhyme scheme kept a nice quick pace and rhythm that kids are going to love. The illustrations were fantastic - full page color with lots of details and adorable characters. The pictures fit in well with the story and each one corresponds wonderfully with the text it accompanies. This is definitely a new type of bedtime picture book and one that I most definitely recommend!


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