March 13, 2019

End of the Lie Blog Tour: Review

End of the Lie (Anastasia Phoenix #3)
Author: Diana Rodriguez Wallach
Publication Date: March 4, 2019
Publisher: Entangled Teen


With her harrowing tale of espionage and near death experiences finally out in the open, Anastasia Phoenix thought things would be better. That she and her friends had outsmarted Department D, the criminal empire her parents helped create.

She thought wrong.

Former friends have turned to enemies, causing more innocent lives to get swept up into the dangerous world her parents created. Now it’s up to Anastasia to stop the damage before anyone else gets hurt—or worse. She embarks on a treacherous trail from Poland to Prague, and old rivals emerge at every turn. But when the final confrontation occurs, will she be too late to protect the ones she loves...or even herself?

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End of the Lie is the exciting final installment in a young adult mystery/thriller series that fans of the genre are sure to love. The story continues to follow our main character, Anastasia, a teen who thought she knew the people she loved and trusted but they turned out to be nothing but lies - and dangerous ones. I thought the plot was fascinating and loved following Anastasia on the final part of her quest for the truth. It takes her across the globe and into the past - all of which I loved. The author wrote a tight mystery with lots of thrills and twists that keep the reader guessing at what the truth is and what's going to happen for the majority of the book. That's a huge plus for me, as most mysteries can't keep me as engaged anymore. There were times, however, that seemed to drag on a little bit - but that wasn't a big detriment for me as a reader.

I liked getting to know Anastasia even better and watching her grow as a person throughout the story and series. She's down to earth, smart, resourceful, determined, and fiercely loyal to the people she loves. She endures a lot throughout the novel, and she goes through many different emotional stages as well. Her character is definitely complex and unique, which is a nice change from most stereotypical teen characters. Another huge plus for me was the author's choice of writing style. The book is told from the first person point of view - from Anastasia's perspective. I'm a huge fan of this style and I'm so happy that the author chose to tell the story this way. It wouldn't have had such a good impact on me as a reader if it had been done in a different manner. Since Anastasia tells the story, we get to know her on a deeply personal level - which allows us to connect and identify with her early on and throughout the book. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and the entire series, and I'll be sad to say goodbye to Anastasia. I definitely recommend this book to fans of mysteries, thrillers, suspense, contemporary, action and adventure, and even romance.
Diana Rodriguez Wallach is the author of the Anastasia Phoenix series, three YA spy thrillers set to debut beginning in March 2017 (Entangled Publishing). She is also the author of three award-winning young adult novels: Amor and Summer Secrets, Amigas and School Scandals, and Adios to All The Drama (Kensington Books); as well as a YA short-story collection based on the Narcissus myth, entitled Mirror, Mirror (Buzz Books, 2013). In 2011, she published a highly regarded essay in Dear Bully: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories (HarperCollins). It was the only essay chosen from the anthology by Scholastic to be used in its classroom materials. Diana is featured in the anthology, Latina Authors and Their Muses (Twilight Times Books, 2015), and she is currently on staff as a featured blogger for Quirk Books. In 2010 Diana was named one of the Top Ten New Latino Authors to Watch by, and she placed second in the International Latino Book Awards. She is an advisory board member for the Philly Spells Writing Center, and is a Creative Writing instructor for Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth. She holds a B.S. in Journalism from Boston University, and currently lives in Philadelphia.

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