March 9, 2013

Midnight Blog Tour: Guest Post & Giveaway

Author: Salima Korri
Release Date: September 2, 2012 
Publisher: Smashwords


Medina Milford is bored. At first she was the good kid but now she is fed up of being alone without a mother or father in the world and is turning in to the school prankster. She's pretty, popular and she rules her school. She's not a High School Mean Girl, but she's respected. 

Now things are going to get even more exciting for Medina when Eric, a handsome and cheeky seventeen year old, joins Gwendolyn Academy and strange things begin to happen. 

She meets the dangerous and beautiful twins Isadora and Rosina, the intelligent but wild Olivia, Benjamin dark and jealous and Eric, Mysterious. 

What do all of them have in common? What secrets are they hiding from Medina and what happens at Midnight? 

The Supernatural Forces are about to get stronger with Medina around...

Magic, mystery, romance and supernatural creatures.
Day Five of Blog Tour:
Top Five Books that helped me write Midnight
as suggested by 

Whilst some people can write with the flow of their pen, or their computer in my case, I needed a ton of help to help me write my book. 

I first came up with the idea of my new book with the title, Midnight. I knew I wanted something to do with Midnight where the main protagonist would help others because something strange happened at Midnight. But I needed help with what that something was. Let me thank my brilliant friend, Nanjiba who helped me brain storm ideas for the actual plot of the story. She helped me greatly in developing a concept as well as reviewing my chapters each week when I put them up on Wattpad.

Don't forget her to read her ongoing book, titled: Jinx Charm about an unfortunate Witch who doesn't have the greatest luck in the world.

Now here are the top five books that inspired me and helped me to write my story, Midnight!

The Iron Witch (The Iron Witch, #1)

1. Starting with number one, The Iron Witch is a story filled with magic and alchemy and this book helped me create my prologue. I tried using what I had read to create the most magical beginning of a forest and a dark creature. I also used the idea of urban fantasy to help me write about a curse that only happens at Midnight and affected the most common of Supernatural Creatures, Demons.

A Witch in Winter (Winter Trilogy, #1)

2. Although I didn't like this book, I still used it to help me write about Witch's. With out spoiling anything, A Witch in Winter gave me the ideas to how a Witch's life is like and what kind of spells they use. With that, I created loads of spells with their different uses. 

Linger (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #2) 

3. I absolutely adore the Wolves of Mercy Falls series. It's filled with so many descriptions that are mesmerizing! I tried my best to find the good ones so I could write about how my main characters feelings where revolved around a curse that she had to fight against. I also used anything that would help me to paint a beautiful picture of the setting and surroundings such as the forest, the Academy as well as the actual Supernatural Creatures.

Knife (Faery Rebels, #1)

4. When I first read Knife, I was so surprised by the main character's courage and bravery that I almost felt jealous! I wanted my own character to be brave too so when Medina finds out that she is at the centre of a curse, I wanted her to feel frightened at first but then she slowly begins to realise the duties and responsibilities that she must take on in order to ensure everyone's safety as well as her own. 

Fallen (Fallen, #1)

5. Finally, Fallen helped me to tie the knot by helping me create characters that were handsome, arrogant, mischievous and fun to be around. They were very loosely based on Fallen's own main character's and I enjoyed writing about my own. Isadora and Rosina the twins, Rosina being the more dominant one and Isadora the child-like girl. Eric the handsome and cheeky seventeen year old who needs Medina's help and grows to love her. Benjamin the jealous and arrogant boy who wants Medina all for himself but then is not quite sure what he wants and finds out he was mistaken all along. And Medina the main protagonist who at first started as careless but soon grew to learn what having a responsibility meant.

But there were many other books that helped me write Midnight because as I read everyday and Midnight took me four months, I went through a lot of books that kept giving me hints to how to write my story. I know that it still needs a lot more work though and that's why the more reviews I get, the easier it is for me to improve it so everyone can like it!
Salima Korri grew up in London and has been writing since the age of twelve. She likes to watch plenty of films and tv shows and to read many historical fiction, dystopian and paranormal fantasy as well as writing all the ideas that come out of her head and to write it in to a story.



  1. Thanks for taking the time to participate! I enjoyed writing about which books inspired me, thanks again :)