September 19, 2013

Undercover Lover Blog Tour: Author Interview + Giveaway


Welcome to my stop on the Undercover Lover tour! Today I have an interview with the author to share with you and don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the post to enter the tour wide giveaway!

Undercover Lover
Author: Jamie K. Schmidt
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 13, 2013
Publisher: Musa Publishing

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Her lips are sealed.

When Reiki therapist Pamela Krupin is attacked by thugs who work for her client, a Russian mob boss, the boss orders his godson, Detective Drake Logan, to protect her. Their attraction flares across Pamela's line in the sand: She will not violate her patient's confidentiality. But when Drake's godfather is murdered and Pamela is targeted, together they have to find out what the mob is really after.

1. What was your inspiration for writing Undercover Lover?

I had a dual inspiration.  The first was the movie Eastern Promises with Viggo Mortensen.  I thought his Russian accent was mesmerizing and I was intrigued by the history of the Russian mob, most notably the vor v zakone. The other inspiration was the Reiki treatment I was undergoing.  I found the mysticism and the energy work to be fascinating and it inspired my creativity.
2. Do you have to do any special research for the book?

I did a lot of researching on the Russian prison tattoos of the vor v zakone.  And I had some Reiki appointments.  They were wonderful.
3. Are any of the characters based off of people you know?

Nope.  Just the ones that live in my brain.

4. How did you become a writer? Was there a person or situation that prompted you to start writing?

I was writing stories all through elementary school.  My grandfather would sit me on his knee and tell me "burglar" stories.  It was basically the Keystone cops but in reverse.  He'd also draw cartoons of the story.  I don't remember much about them except someone was always getting a "beatin'".
5. What tips do you have for aspiring writers?

Write.  Finish the damn book.  Then start a new file on the computer and write a new story.  Don't ever stop writing. The more you write the better you get.
Join a writer's group.  Writing is a lonely job and it helps to have friends and colleagues to go to for advice or even a shoulder to cry on.
6. What's next for you?

I have  a dragon paranormal romance series coming out from Entangled Publishing this fall, in which the fate of the dragon race revolves around a human woman who dreams of shifting into a dragon.  The first book is called The Queen's Wings and it's due out in November 2013.  I also have a contemporary romance series coming out early next year with Random House's Loveswept line. The Couture Series revolves around an ex-stripper named Colleen who after inheriting a lot of money starts a secret sex society.  In book one, Inner Goddess, Colleen's strait-laced sister hides from her abusive boyfriend at what she thinks is a fashion house, but when she finds out the real purpose of Couture, she is shocked to discover that she can find true love admist the bawdiness.
Thanks so much for stopping by and chatting with us today Jamie!

Jamie K. Schmidt has over thirty short stories in publication. Her romantic suspense novel UNDERCOVER LOVER, published by Musa Publishing, will be released September 13, 2013. THE QUEEN’S WINGS, book one of the Emerging Queens series, a paranormal dragon romance will be published by Entangled's Edge line this fall. Book One of her contemporary romance series, INNER GODDESS, will be published by Random House's Loveswept line on June 6, 2014 

Jamie holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz in Secondary Education English. She’s also held various jobs as a call center manager, a Tupperware consultant, a paralegal, and finally a technical writer for a major corporation. She is an active member in the Romance Writers of America (RWA), serving as the President for her local chapter Connecticut Romance Writers of America (CTRWA).


  1. Wonderful interview. Thanks for participating :)

  2. Look forward to reading. Thank you for the giveaway.

  3. EASTERN PROMISES is amazing. I can understand how it could & would inspire.

  4. I don't know if I played the hint part of the game correctly and if I did it wrong I apologize in advance. This looks like a very intriguing read. I cannot say I have read a book focusing on the Russian culture and this might be quite an adventure. I also enjoyed Eastern Promises with Viggo Mortensen very much and if this book is even half a yummy, it will be quite a meal indeed :)