December 15, 2013

Help Out an Author & Get a Free Book!

Mike Essex is trying to bump his book, Tethered Twins, up on the Amazon charts. In order to do this, he's giving away FREE copies of the book until 12/16 for readers all over the world!

Here's a bit taken from his post about his experiment and why he's doing it:

Getting started as a new author is tough. Wait scratch that. Getting started as a new author is pretty much impossible. There’s occasional success stories but there are a million more untold stories of authors who had amazing books but never got known.
The odds are stacked massively in the favour of known authors and publishing houses, not to mention the negative press indies have received as a result of a few bad apples. Today I want to try and change that with this experiment. I’m putting my own money at stake to see if an unknown book by a new author can get known. And I need your help.

It’ll take ten seconds to help, won’t cost you anything and you’ll even get something for free!

Download a free book (UK) (US / Rest of World) and share this post to help a new author.

The Goal:

I want to see if giving away an indie book in very large quantities can lead to increased awareness, reviews & sales that let it go toe to toe with well known authors. I’m prepared to give away thousands of pounds worth of free books in order to test the theory.
To do this I need your help. The more people that download the book for free the more we will learn and to do that requires social shares and downloads from a wide number of people. Awesome people like you.
Together we’re going to see what it takes to make a new book go viral and then document what happens next. I’m hoping the results will help shed a light on the best ways for indie authors to get noticed, the effect of viral sharing and the power of people working together.
There’s even a reward for everyone who helps.

The Plan:

I’m putting my money where my mouth is and giving away my own book Tethered Twins for free over the next five days (12th-16th Dec) in digital format. The book tells the story of a world where everyone is born with a twin who holds their life in the balance; in other words if your twin dies you die too.
The goal is simple; to gain as many downloads as possible in that time. There’s no upper limit and I’m fully prepared to give away a copy to every single Kindle user in those five days if they want one.

You can read more about his book and the experiment on his blog HERE

So what are you waiting for? Help out an indie author and grab a free book in the process! It's a win-win for everyone!


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