December 18, 2014

Cover Reveal: Fleur de Nuit by Cat Montmorency

Fleur de Nuit (Bourbon Street Bondage #1)
Author: Cat Montmorency 
Genre: Erotica/Romance
Release Date: Fall 2015
 Published by: Samhain Publishing


Fleur de Nuit
Book One of the Bourbon Street Bondage Series

Decadent food, smoky music, dark delights—who could live in the French Quarter and not be tempted to partake? Moira D’Arcangelis, that’s who.

Ever since her college boyfriend tried to add her to his list of murder victims, she’s lived a quiet life, which is code for no life at all. When her best friend Kara convinces—okay, drags—her to meet Adrian LaCroix, master of the local underground kink scene, his commanding presence and sexy Cajun accent bring her latent desires back to life.

His offer to train her as a Domme is the key to regaining control of her life. Yet becoming Adrian’s protégé comes with complications. As he opens her body, mind, and soul, she begins to see Kara in a new light—right about the time a legendary Domme returns, intent on stealing Kara away.

Moira has a fight on her hands. For Kara, and against a past that comes roaring back with a vengeance. She’ll need every trick Adrian can teach her to win the right to both life—and love.
Writer, gamer, ninja. Writing about life, love, and kink in New Orleans' French Quarter. 21+ Rep'd by Jessica Negrón of Talcott Notch Literary.

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