March 29, 2016

The Undertakers: End of the World Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway

End of the World (The Undertakers #5)
Author: Ty Drago
Release Date: March 29, 2016
Publisher: Month9Books


The Corpse War is over. Or at least Will Ritter thought the war was over. But Will quickly changes his mind when he is led through a doorway in time and finds himself in a future where the Earth has been all but destroyed. The Corpses, alien invaders who wear the dead like suits of clothing, have returned in horrific numbers. In the wake of their destructive onslaught, a rag-tag group of survivors with some of Will’s now grownup friends among them is all that’s left of mankind. Will must take part in a desperate, last ditch effort to rewrite history, prevent the Second Corpse War from ever happening, and defeat this evil that has consumed mankind once and for all. But victory, if such a thing is even possible, carries a heavy cost.

10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know about The Undertakers: 

1) The Undertakers are based very loosely on “The Kid Kadets,” which was the name I gave to a group of kid superheroes I invented back was I was eight-years-old. True, the Undertakers can’t fly, perform telekinesis, or control the weather. But the same courage and spirit of child empowerment is remains;

2) Tom and Sharyn Jefferson were the names of the brother and sister team who commanded The Kid Kadets. Now they chief the Undertakers. Those two have been with me for a long time;

3) Helene Boettcher is my wife’s name. She’s my best friend and my personal hero and naming my heroine after her was my way of telling her that. The last book, and the series as whole, is dedicated to her;

4) Ritter is German for “knight,” a moniker which describes Will rather well;

5) Steve, Burt, and Chuck are all named for childhood friends of mine;

6) Susan Ritter (Will’s mom) is named for my sister Susan. The second Undertakers book is dedicated to her as well;

7) In Book 3, Secret of the Corpse Eater, Jillian Birmelin is named for the lovely young woman who recently married my nephew Steven and made me a great-uncle. In the same book, Lindsay Micha is named for my niece (Steven’s sister). The two of them frequently joke about whose character was more important;

8) My son, Andy, who was 12-years-old when I started writing the series, was key in helping me understand the way modern kids act and talk and think. Without him, I don’t believe the Undertakers would ever have come to life, much less been published. The first book is dedicated to him;

9) Many of the Philadelphia (and Washington D.C.) locales I describe in the Undertakers stories are real. I strongly suggest that any readers who want to experience Philly visit Fort Mifflin (Books 1 and 4), Eastern State Penitentiary (Book 2), and the top of City Hall Tower (Books 1, 2, and 5). And if you find yourselves in our nation’s capital, by all means tour the Capitol Building, especially the Crypt where Will and the Corpse Eater have their final battle (Book 3);

10) Book 1 in the series, Rise of the Corpses is being turned into a feature film. Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick penned the screenplay!
Ty Drago does his writing just across the river from Philadelphia, where the Undertakers novels take place. In addition to The Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses, The Undertakers: Queen of the Dead, and The Undertakers: Secret of the Corpse Eater, he is the author of The Franklin Affair and Phobos, as well as short stories and articles that have appeared in numerous publications, including Writer's Digest. He currently lives in southern New Jersey with his wife and best friend, the real Helene Drago née Boettcher. 

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(5) Winners will receive a digital copy of The Undertakers 5: End of the World by Ty Drago (INT) 


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