April 26, 2018

A Prom to Remember Blog Tour: Excerpt + Giveaway


A Prom to Remember
Author: Sandy Hall
Genre: YA Contemporary
Publication Date: April 24, 2018

Publisher: Swoon Reads


Love it or hate it, you’ll never forget it. In this heart-warming novel, Swoon Reads star, Sandy Hall, explores a classic high school celebration, capturing every relatable and hilarious teen milestone along the way.

Cora: Dating Perfect Boyfriend Jamie. Has NO IDEA how to break up with him…

Paisley: Anti-prom. Somehow nominated her anxiety-ridden best friend for prom king…

Henry: Hates social situations. Invited to prom by the most popular girl in school. SEND HELP!

Otis: Half of one of the cutest couples in his class. Not quite ready for a post-prom hotel room…

Lizzie: Shy. Excited to go to prom. With a boy. Whose name she doesn’t know.

Cameron: Loner. Over high school. Just wants to meet the mysterious girl who’s been leaving him notes…

Jacinta: Unnamed Nerd Girl #3. Determined to become the star of her own life, starting with prom…

Chosen by readers like you for Macmillan’s young adult imprint Swoon Reads, A Prom to Remember, from Sandy Hall (author of A Little Something Different), is a funny and cinematic look at the biggest dance of every high schooler’s life.

The first message had started with:

So I’m bored. I’m going to ask you a million questions (or maybe just five) on the off chance you’ll answer them and then I’ll have something fun to read. Please respond in complete sentences. The five questions are as follows:

* What’s your favorite color?
* Can you use chopsticks?
* What’s your first memory?
* What do you want to be when you grow up?
* Do you have a name?

He happily responded to all her questions.

My favorite color is green. But like LIME GREEN. A green that can be seen from outer space. A green so green you can practically taste it.

I cannot use chopsticks.

Number three is a difficult question. Because memory is a weird thing, isn’t it? Do I really remember a certain moment, or is it because I’ve seen pictures of it and heard the story a million times? I would say that prob­ ably my first memory is being in a minor car accident with my mom when I was four or five. I know there are no photographs of this moment slipped into family scrapbooks. No one was hurt, it was only a small fender bender, but it’s a pretty traumatic event for a kid. Also, I was really into police cars, so I remember when they arrived on the scene very distinctly.

Oh man. I have no clue what I want to be when I grow up. I had no idea that I’d be quizzed on this today, and I have no answer. “Something that’s not terrible” is about as specific as I can get.

As for your last query, yes, I do have a name. But if it’s all the same to you, I’d prefer not to share it. It’s kind of fun being anonymous.

And I ask you the same million (or five) questions.

When he got the laptop the next time, Laptop Girl had answered and he had to work pretty hard not to laugh too much at her responses.

My favorite color is now lime green. You’ve convinced me. A green so green that you can almost taste it.

I am surprisingly good at chopsticks. I got a little obsessed with them after my aunt took me out to hibachi for my sixth birthday. I wanted des­perately to be able to use them, so she took her time to show me, and after dropping several pieces of chicken on the floor, I managed to get one in my mouth.

Funny enough, I’m pretty sure that my birthday hibachi dinner is also my first real memory. There are other moments, but they’re more like images than memories, like a trip to the zoo and getting a new couch. I really REMEMBER the restaurant and the onion volcano.

I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I was hoping that you’d have an idea and I could steal it, much like your favorite color.

I, too, have a name, but I won’t be sharing because you’re right, ano­nymity is fun.

I’m a teen librarian from New Jersey where I was born and raised. I have a BA in Communication and a Master of Library and Information Science from Rutgers University. When I’m not writing, or teen librarian-ing, I enjoy reading, slot machines, marathoning TV shows, and long scrolls through Tumblr. A LITTLE SOMETHING DIFFERENT is my first novel.



  1. I can already tell from the premise that I'm going to laugh while reading this book and love it. Prom has some great memories for me.