June 2, 2018

Spotlight: The Mixtape of My Life by Robert K. Elder

The Mixtape of My Life: A Do-It-Yourself Music Memoir
Author: Robert K. Elder
Genre: Memoir/Nonfiction/Guided Journal
Release Date: April 24, 2018
Publisher: Running Press


The perfect gift for music lovers, The Mixtape of My Life is a guided journal that offers prompts and questions to get everyone recalling the pivotal songs that have shaped our lives.

No matter which musical generation you belong to, or whether your musical tastes range from doo-wop to Daft Punk, The Mixtape of My Life can be an instant conversation starter among friends and family--and a great way to rediscover the special tunes that played during key moments of your life.

Everyone has those songs that take them back--to their first love, their favorite concert, or a memorable Saturday morning cartoon. The Mixtape of My Life provides more than 200 questions and prompts to help readers chronicle their lives through music and explore their personal soundtrack. Evoking memories, stories, and long-forgotten mix tapes, this guided journal includes questions like "What was the first record you owned?" and "What song did you later realize was smutty?" and provides room to draw a favorite album cover or create the perfect road trip playlist. With dozens of quirky illustrations throughout, The Mixtape of My Life can be a great tool for your next dinner party, or simply something any music lover can enjoy for themselves.

Praise for Robert K. Elder & THE MIXTAPE OF MY LIFE:

“We all know that music is deeply intertwined with memory. The Mixtape of My Life is an astonishing tool for unlocking your long-forgotten histories.”
—Jason Bitner, author, Cassette From My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves

“A Journalist in the noblest tradition.”
– Studs Terkel Pulitzer-winner

“How necessary this book is! And how well-judged and written! Some of the best films ever made, as Elder proves, are lamentably all but unknown.”
— Roger Ebert Film Critic, on Elder’s book “The Best Film You’ve Never Seen

“An invaluable book for anyone interested in Hemingway or the development of a major creative mind.”
— Scott Turow Author, on Elder’s book “Hidden Hemingway

...it’s a privilege to look through [Hemingway’s] closet and read his stuff and discover him as a mortal man.”
— Garrison Keillor Author & Radio Host, on Elder’s book “Hidden Hemingway


Robert K. Elder is a former rock photographer, journalist, and author of seven books, including 2016's Hidden Hemingway. Robert’s work has appeared in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, Salon.com, and many other publications and some of his recent books include, The Best Film You’ve Never Seen, Last Words of the Executed, and The Film That Changed My Life. He has worked for Sun-Times Media and Crain Communications, and is the founder of Odd Hours Media. He lives and writes in Chicago.

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