August 21, 2020

Chasing Starlight Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway

Chasing Starlight
Author: Teri Bailey Black
Release Date: August 11, 2020
Publisher: Tor Teen
Hardcover: 336 pages


Movies, mansions, and murder in the Golden Age of Hollywood! Teri Bailey Black's Chasing Starlight is a historical mystery from the award-winning author of the Thriller Award for Best Young Adult Novel.

1938. The Golden Age of Hollywood. Palm trees and movie stars. Film studios pumping out musicals, westerns, and gangster films at a furious pace. Everyone wants to be a star―except society girl and aspiring astronomer Kate Hildebrand, who’d rather study them in the night sky. She’s already famous after a childhood tragedy turned her into a newspaper headline. What she craves is stability.

But when Kate has to move to Hollywood to live with her washed-up silent film star grandfather, she walks into a murder scene and finds herself on the front page again. She suspects one of the young men boarding in her grandfather’s run-down mansion is the killer―maybe even her grandfather. She searches for clues.

Now, Kate must discover the killer while working on the set of a musical―and falling in love. Will her stars align so she can catch the murderer and live the dream in Old Hollywood? Or will she find that she's just chasing starlight?


"Chasing Starlight dazzles with richly drawn characters, a breathtaking mystery, and a vivid 1930s Hollywood setting. Black masterfully evokes the glamour and darkness of a mesmerizing era steeped in secrets, lies, and dreams." ―Cat Winters author of The Raven's Tale

"Miss Fisher meets Tinseltown in this addictive mystery full of Old Hollywood glamour and slow-burn secrets. Chasing Starlight is the journey of aspiring-astronomer-turned-reluctant-sleuth Kate as she works not only to solve a murder but find her place in the world after a tumultuous past. Come for the gossipy glam of old Hollywood; stay for a cast of charmingly quirky characters and a mystery that will have you guessing until the end." ―McKelle George, author of Speak Easy, Speak Love

"Chasing Starlight is a mystery as alluring as old Hollywood itself―and fun! Teri Bailey Black’s story has a historical-yet-modern feel, and the setting is so creative and cinematic you’ll feel as if you’re sitting on a film set. With a cast of dream-chasers who showcase both the glamour and the grit, Chasing Starlight is delightful from the first scene to the last." ―Jodie Lynn Zdrok, author of Spectacle

“Black delivers an atmospheric mystery with cinematic flair that’s chock full of period detail, highlighting women’s roles in front of, and behind, the camera during Hollywood’s golden age. A captivating crowd pleaser.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“This complex tale featuring blossoming romance, an edge-of-your-seat murder, and a host of characters to love and hate is recommended for collections where mysteries are popular.” ―School Library Journal

“Entertainingly conveying the glitz of Kate’s Hollywood life and romantic interests, this breezy whodunit is a fun historical escape with satisfactory twists.” ―Publishers Weekly

“A thrillingly romantic dive into Old Hollywood that will appeal to cinema and history buffs alike.” ―Booklist

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Chasing Starlight is an evocative new young adult novel that easily blends together several genres to create something fresh and original. One major thing I kept personally thinking was how much it reminded me of The Great Gatsby. Mostly the time period - the setting, the grandeur of old Hollywood, flappers, gangsters, and a ton of other things - kept bringing me back to that book. Which definitely isn't a bad thing! I'm a huge literature nerd and love classics - The Great Gatsby being one of my favorites. In my opinion, the fact that I kept going back to that book and the atmosphere that it evoked is a major compliment to the author and her amazing talent for storytelling.

I loved basically everything about this book - from the characters to the plot and every little bit in between. I really liked the main character, Kate. She's definitely complex and has lots of positive traits as well as flaws which made her very realistic. I love how brave she is, how she's smart and doesn't try to hide it behind a pretty face, and how she's determined to make things in her life work out no matter what. I enjoyed getting to know her throughout the book and to watch her change and grow. The plot wasn't wholly unique - but (honestly) what is anymore? I think it's basically impossible to come up with something completely new. The plot was solid with some interesting twists and discoveries and I have to admit that I enjoyed the romantic aspect as well. I normally don't like romance in my books because it tends to overshadow the main plot and take over the story. This didn't feel overwhelming but fit right into the story.

The only thing I didn't love about the story was the writing style. If you've read any of my reviews, you know how big of a deal this is for me personally as a reader. I almost always prefer the first person point of view because I think it lets the reader connect on a deeper and more personal level with the narrator. The author chose to write this book in the third person, which I was pretty bummed about. Don't get me wrong - I loved it - but I truly believe it would've been so much better if it had been written in the first person. That's only my opinion and not everyone's going to feel the same way, but I wanted to mention it. I highly recommend this book for fans of historical fiction (especially from the 1930s), mysteries, coming of age novels and romance.
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Teri Bailey Black is happiest when she's creating things, whether it's with words, fabric, or digging in the garden. Her debut novel, Girl at the Grave, won the Thriller Award for Best Young Adult Novel, and the Whitney Award for Best Debut and Best Young Adult Novel. Her second novel, Chasing Starlight, will be published June 2020. She and her husband have four children and live in Orange County, California.

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