January 11, 2021

Start the New Year with Hope: Dancing & Life


A new year brings hope! See how you can experience joy and gratitude in the coming year. 

In times of crisis it is hard to be hopeful.. But it’s not impossible—and may be the key to mentally surviving a crisis like this. 

Despite the burdens of the recent past you can look to the future with the likelihood of positive change. 

You can turn turmoil and crisis into opportunity. 

Discover your primary inner strength that will bring you through the problems that life gives you? 

I know that my mental health has been worse than normal (which is saying something!) during these past few months and I'm looking forward to taking on this challenge. I'll be doing updates to this post to let you know how it's going, so be sure to check back!


January 14, 2021 

Now here’s how you can turn a crisis into opportunity!

You can take control despite the uncertainty around us.

I hope you can feel my passion in this post. Don’t let a crisis deter you from what you love.

Sometimes taking back control of your life starts with rediscovering what makes you tick, or learning to take care of yourself, or making time for the people and things that you love.

I love this. Many successes are born out of uncertainty.

While the world has thrown a lot at us, there are ways in which you can take control. It’s important for you to see how you can grow. What’s holding you back?
 Let me know in the comments!



January 19, 2021

Get rid of what doesn’t bring you joy! Be like Marie Kondo! When you decide to let go of what didn't work in 2020, you'll open up to new possibilities in 2021.

In life there can be great injustice, but if you learn to let go of that pain and what didn't work for you, you can create new possibilities in 2021.

We all need to learn to let go and go on.

Healing is essential to our continuing happiness. Even after a terrible year, it’s important to learn to move on and take care of yourself.

When you take care of yourself, you can get closer to keeping your intentions. If you don’t heal, how can you grow?

How are you helping the people around you heal?

Let me know in the comments!


January 22, 2021

It’s so great that you know that self-care is essential to a happy life. I’m delighted you’re taking care of yourself this year.

Now that's what I call following your bliss.

We all need to do what we can to make sure we’re at our best.

It’s wonderful that you’re taking steps to keep on track the year! Congratulations! Getting past limiting beliefs is so important to moving forward!

When you don’t hold back, you can really take advantage of what the world has to offer. How are you making sure you break through limiting beliefs this year? Let me know in the comments!



January 25, 2021

Write down an outcome — such as what you hope to achieve at the end of this 30-day program.

It’s so great that you have set your goal for how you want to change this year, and you’re figuring out a plan for getting there and staying on course..

That’s really setting your intention for the year!

How did you feel about this?

Has anything been keeping you from reaching your goals? What are you doing to stay on course? Let me know in the comments!


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