June 17, 2019

Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway


Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon
Author: Mary Fan

Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: June 11, 2019
Publisher: Page Street Kids

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When a powerful viceroy arrives with a fleet of mechanical dragons and stops an attack on Anlei’s village, the villagers see him as a godsend. They agree to give him their sacred, enchanted River Pearl in exchange for permanent protection—if he’ll marry one of the village girls to solidify the alliance. Anlei is appalled when the viceroy selects her as a bride, but with the fate of her people at stake, she sees no choice but to consent. Anlei’s noble plans are sent into a tailspin, however, when a young thief steals the River Pearl for himself.

Knowing the viceroy won’t protect her village without the jewel, she takes matters into her own hands. But once she catches the thief, she discovers he needs the pearl just as much as she does. The two embark on an epic quest across the land and into the Courts of Hell, taking Anlei on a journey that reveals more is at stake than she could have ever imagined.

With incredibly vivid world building and fast-paced storytelling, Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon is great for readers who are looking for something fresh in epic fantasy.
Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon is a new young adult fantasy full of adventure and excitement. The main character, Anlei, is completely badass. She's just as tough as the men - if not more so - and not afraid to hide it. She definitely lives up to her warrioress name. She was a complex and realistic character with plenty of strengths and faults. I loved getting to know her and watch her change and grow throughout the story. I really enjoyed seeing her relationship with Tai begin and then change as well.

The world building was incredibly well done. The author used detailed descriptions along with vivid imagery to really bring Anlei's world to life. I wanted to know all about the different villages, the politics, the history, the people - the author made it seem so complex and fascinating. I felt like I was right beside Anlei throughout the entire story, which only added to the excitement and quick pace of the book. Another thing I absolutely loved about this novel was the bits of steampunk sprinkled in throughout the story. The mechanical bronze dragons, airships, pistols, and so many other items that revolve around the steampunk theme were included in the book and I loved this extra addition to the story and think spices things up. I do have to mention writing style, since it's a huge aspect of a book for me. The author uses the first person point of view with Anlei as the narrator. I absolutely love that she wrote the story this way. I always seem to have a stronger connection with the main character and an overall better reading experience when this writing style is used. I think it fits perfectly with the story and was the icing on the cake for me. I highly recommend this for fans of YA fantasy, adventure, and steampunk. 
Mary Fan is a hopeless dreamer, whose mind insists on spinning tales of “what if.” As a music major in college, she told those stories through compositions. Now, she tells them through books—a habit she began as soon as she could pick up a pencil.

Mary lives in New Jersey and has a B.A. from Princeton University. When she’s not scheming to create new worlds, she enjoys kickboxing, opera singing, and blogging about everything having to do with books.
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