August 14, 2012

Blood of Anteros Tour: Review & Giveaway!


Blood of Anteros (The Vampire Agape Series Book #1)
Author: Georgia Cates
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Release Date: September 21, 2011


Cruel circumstances turned Curry Brennan into the wretched monster he hates and refuses to accept, but when an expected turn of events releases him from the bond of his obsessive maker, he returns to the home he knew 161 years earlier and finds the return of happiness and joy in something he didn’t know existed. 

Puzzled by his growing attraction to Chansey Leclaire, a human, he is unable to resist the captivating relationship that threatens to reveal his existence as a vampire. He eventually discovers the reason he was destined to find what he didn’t know he searched for and is faced with the cruel realization that the living and the immortal undead will always be separated by one thing. Eternity.  


Blood of Anteros is a young adult paranormal romance that centers around a vampire and the love he shares with a (somewhat) human girl. Although the concept of a vampire falling in love with a human isn't new in fiction, I thought that the inclusion of the Anteros myth made the plot stand out from the other books in the genre. I found the mythology surrounding Anteros and the Agape to be really interesting and I think it adds a lot of depth to the story.

The plot was sort of predictable, but was really well written. It had a great flow and was easy to read, which made it a page turner that I read really fast. I really liked the characters, even though they were kind of cliched at times. Curry is a thoughtful yet tortured vampire who falls for Chansey - a clueless human girl. Although the romance between the two of them was a bit cheesy at times, I completely loved it. Normally I make a face when the romantic parts of a book are really syrupy or corny - but I couldn't get enough of it with this book. It just seemed so honest and sweet, and I found myself smiling while reading more than once. The book had a really open ending, which leaves quite a bit of room for the next installment to pick up at. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Hopefully it will keep up with the sweet romance and maybe the plot will become even more unique.


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  1. Book sounds fantastic, and I love the cover. Thx for giveaway.

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  2. I'm always a sucker for a vampire in love. Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. Book sounds great! Thanks for the giveaway!