September 17, 2014

The Unraveling Blog Tour: Excerpt + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on The Unraveling blog tour! Today I have a great excerpt from the book to share with you - and don't forget to enter the tour wide giveaway!

The Unraveling (Sage Seed Chronicles #3)
Author: Holly Barbo
Genre: YA Fantasy


Erin's parents are murdered and she can sense that same malevolent energy hunting her down. With little time to grieve, Erin is forced into hiding and discovers an unusual ability she's never had before -- she can talk to animals!

With the help of her new found animal companions, she eludes the killer. Disguising herself as a boy, she joins the Autumn Gathering and is able to concentrate on the questions she needs to solve: Who killed her parents? Why are they trying to kill her, too?

Quakes, storms, and murders begin plaguing Erin's world and she soon realizes that they're all connected. The fabric of her world is just beginning to unravel...
Nate studied her face. “You will tell me when you can. I don’t have a good feeling about this. Stay clear of those three. Together or separate, they can be trouble. Haven’t seen Bure, but the other two are around. Saw them come in just before I spotted you.” 

“Targ and Wras are here?” Erin asked urgently. 

“Yep,” he answered. “You take care of yourself, lad.” He gave her a concerned look and turned to speak to some new customers that had just arrived. 

Erin couldn’t run as it would draw attention to her as well as Nate, but she spun on her foot and walked right back to Lor’s wagon. She gave him a sign and he stepped back from some customers and leaned down to hear her whisper, “Wras and Targ are here. I’m going to try to find them.” 

Lor gave her a look full of alertness . “You be careful. I’ll watch for you,” he murmured. 

She opened her mind to Tempo and Keir. ‘Keir keep a watch out for those two. Tempo, I might need you soon for the paste.’ 

She strode through the gather, trying hard to look the part of an excited kid enjoying the action. Her door was open and she was focused on their emotional signals. Wras’s impatience had a gleeful edge and Targ, trying to suppress his emotion, had an arrogant pleasure leaking out. Erin spotted dusty -hatted Wras leaning against the side of the entrance to the city. He was alone but appeared to be waiting. There was no way Erin could not be seen, but it was critical that she get by him and check on Bas. She darted to Cob and bought a cheese blintz, all but tossing him the mark. She turned and walked right up the steps and into the city, chewing on the food. Apparently she was nonchalant enough, because Wras didn’t pay her any mind. Once inside, she kept up the casualness as she made her way to the second lane on the left. As she was approaching and preparing to turn into the lane, weaving around some strolling people, she saw Targ emerging into the city’s inner courtyard. He was oozing pleased emotions tinged with malevolence. He didn’t pay any attention to her as he walked by. Her heart was in her throat as she almost ran into the lane. Bas had just taken a quick step out his door. He looked pale. 

“Bas. Have you touched anything from Targ?” 

He brushed by her, saying over his shoulder, “I’m not stupid. But it wasn’t me. It’s Holm.” 

She was right on his heels as he rushed into the jewelry shop. The old man had one hand on his counter and was semi-crouched as if he were picking something up off the floor. He looked up at them sort of dazed and slowly collapsed. Erin could see a dropped scriber on the floor that had slipped out of his right hand. 

Holly Barbo's world is shaped by her love of her family, the beauty of the natural world in Northwest Washington State and an irrepressible creative drive.

Living where the scenery is incredible with a rich abundance of wildlife "is so special and soothing that it feels like a quiet kind of magic," according to Barbo. She is drawn to creating stories where there is just a bit of something unworldly, perhaps it is magic or psychic skills. Her stories are mostly in non-urban settings and usually have some focus on nature, building a discordant drama inside the peaceful frame.

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  1. wow! this book sounds really interesting :D thanks for the excerpt too :)

  2. The Unraveling sounds like good read. I'm interested in reading this book. Thank you