February 4, 2015

Cover Reveal: Wishing for You by Elizabeth Langston

Wishing for You (I Wish #2)
Author: Elizabeth Langston
Release Date: October 13, 2015
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press


With high school graduation only months away, Kimberley Rey is eager to discover what her future holds. The next big decision is rapidly approaching--where to apply to college. But this choice is complicated by a memory disability. How will her struggles to remember affect her once she moves away from home?
Help arrives through an unexpected and supernatural gift. Grant is a "genie" with rules. He can give her thirty wishes (one per day for a month) as long as the tasks are humanly possible. Kimberley knows just what to ask for--lessons in how to live on her own. But her wishes change when she discovers that a good friend has been diagnosed with a devastating illness.
As she joins forces with Grant to help her friend, Kimberley learns that the ability to live in the moment--to forget--may be more valuable than she ever knew.

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