March 28, 2018

Over Raging Tides Blog Tour: Excerpt + Giveaway


Over Raging Tides (Lady Pirates #1)
Author: Jennifer Ellision
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication Date: March 20, 2018


The pirate crew of the Lady Luck lives by many rules, but chief among them is this: they do not allow men on board.

That’s a rule that quartermaster Grace Porter is willing to break when a shipwrecked young nobleman offers her information of an omniscient map, stolen from his warship by an enemy vessel. Until now, the map was only the stuff of legend… but with its help, Grace may finally be able to hunt down the Mordgris, the sea monsters who stole her mother away from her.

Unfortunately, some members of her crew have other plans…

To find the map and face the Mordgris, Grace will have to confront her past, put the Luck between warring nations, and uncover treachery aboard the ship. And ultimately, her revenge and the destruction of the Mordgris will come at a hefty price: the betrayal of her crew.

Grace promised them they wouldn’t regret this.

She just isn’t sure that she won’t.

I was too young then to have gotten the lay of the different islands dotting the seas we sailed, so I can’t really say for certain which piece of land we’d found ourselves on. I remembered eagerly pointing out the sails of his ship as we pulled into port, like clouds against the blue sky.

“Mama,” I said, excited. I knew that silhouette. It was the naval vessel my parents always led me back to after we stopped to pay our respects to my father’s liege and get his marching orders. “That’s Papa’s ship! Isn’t it?”

Even at that age, and being well below their heights, I could feel the weight of the gaze that Ilene and my mother exchanged over my head.

“It does look like it,” my mother said.

“Doesn’t matter if it is,” Ilene said, and she turned to spit bitterly into the sea.

I was right. It was my father’s ship. And while Ilene attended to business, my mother and I found him in a bar, three sheets to the wind.

My mother had asked him for a legal divorce.

He had refused.

“You want the life of a criminal pirate? Fine. But I want you to know in the back of your mind that every dime you get will legally be mine.” He glanced in my direction, over my mother’s shoulder. I’d been just a step or two back, behind her petticoats. I remember the grip he had on her upper arm, the way her skin had pillowed around his fingers from the force of his grip on her. “That everything of yours is legally mine.”

She’d stiffened and turned, following his gaze to me. And when she turned back to him, something in her face made him recoil. His hand dropped from her arm. The color drained from his face. He stumbled a step back and grasped backward for a bar stool to steady himself, unable to look away from her.

“Grace is mine,” she hissed. “You do not touch her. Her name does not leave your mouth. You come anywhere near her and—”

He raised his shaking hands. “Understood. Yours.”
Jennifer Ellision spent a great deal of her childhood staying up past her bedtime with a book and a flashlight. When she couldn’t find the stories she wanted to read, she started writing them. She loves words, has a soft spot for fanfiction, and is a master of the fangirl flail. She resides in South Florida with her family, where she lives in fear of temperatures below 60 Fahrenheit.



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