August 11, 2019

Remember Me Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway

Remember Me
Author: Chelsea Bobulski 
Genre: YA Horror
Release Date: August 6, 2019
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends
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In this eerie and suspenseful YA, a teen girl discovers what connects her to the hotel she calls home as horrifying visions lead her to the truth. 

Nell Martin is moving again, this time to the Winslow Grand Hotel, built in 1878. As Nell is settling in, strange things begin to happen. Doors lock of their own accord, writing appears on bathroom walls--and most horrifying of all--visions of a dead boy permeate her waking life. Thinking it was her mind playing tricks on her, she soon finds the past and the present colliding as she learns horrific details of a murder that happened at the hotel in 1905 involving a girl named Lea.

Nell and a mysterious bellboy must relive that day in hopes of finally breaking a curse that imprisons them both. And Nell discovers what truly links her to the history of the Winslow Grand Hotel.
Remember Me is a perfectly blended YA fantasy/mystery that will leave readers hanging on every word until the very end. I'm a huge fan of these genres, so when I read the description I knew I had to read it. It has all of the elements to make a book that I'm almost sure to love - ghosts, old haunted resorts, the ocean/beach, curses, mysteries, and love. I wasn't sure what to expect going in, but I'll admit that I had pretty high hopes. Luckily, the book turned out to be even better than I thought it would be. 

The author's use of vivid imagery and detailed descriptions brought both Nell and Lea's stories to life. I was immediately hooked from the prologue and I didn't (couldn't) stop until I had devoured every last page. I wasn't expecting to feel so lost in the two timelines - especially not the past. Somehow, the author wove her magic and made me immediately fall inside Lea's world just as easily as Nell's. I felt like I was there with the characters as the story unfolded and went on every emotional roller coaster with them. And trust me - between the mystery, the alternating time lines, and the romance - it's one heck of a ride. I don't normally enjoy when romance is an aspect of a different genre because it feels like it almost always takes over the main story line and gets in the way. That was not the case here. I loved every single minute, romantic or otherwise, and I definitely felt "all the feels," which is rare for me.

Another thing that really hooked me was the author's writing style. Not only did she bring these two characters and their lives to life before my eyes, but did so basically immediately from the beginning. One big factor for me was the author wrote the story in alternating perspectives between Nell and Lea. On top of this, the book is written in the first person point of view of both girls. I almost always prefer the first person POV because I feel like we can connect with the main characters on such a deeper level than any other style. The author did alternating chapters from Nell's and Lea's perspective, which sealed the deal for me. I absolutely love that she chose this style for the book. I honestly believe that it made a huge difference and that I wouldn't have been as invested in the plot or characters if done in another writing style. Since it's done in the first person, I really got to know both Nell and Lea - their inner thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, emotions, and everything in between. I really can't emphasize enough what a huge impact this made on me and my reading experience - in the best of ways.

I can't go into details about the plot because I don't do spoilers in my reviews, but I will say that it was full of mystery and intrigue, history and contemporary, horror and paranormal, fantasy and romance. It's a story that refuses to stick to one label and demands to be put on a level all its own. I very highly recommend this book to fans of YA, mystery, suspense, paranormal, fantasy, horror, historical fiction, and romance.

Chelsea Bobulski was born in Columbus, Ohio, and raised on Disney movies, classic musicals, and Buckeye pride. She’s always had a penchant for the fantastical, the stories that teach us there is more to this world than meets the eye. She has a soft spot for characters with broken pasts, strange talents, and a dash of destiny in their bones. After graduating from The Ohio State University with a degree in history, she promptly married her high school sweetheart and settled down in Northwest Ohio with her notebooks and daydreams and copious amounts of chocolate. THE WOOD is her debut novel.
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