May 20, 2016

The Inquisition Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway

The Inquisition (Summoner #2)
Author: Taran Matharu
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: May 10, 2016
Publisher: Feiwel + Friends


More demons, epic battles, and fights to the death: introducing the unmissable next installment in the Summoner Trilogy...

On trial for a crime he did not commit, Fletcher must face the Inquisition who will decide his future - the process is gruelling, lead by those who will do anything to see him suffer and haunted by ghosts from the past with clues to Fletcher's tragic origins.

But Fletcher has little time to dwell on these new revelations when the king announces a deadly challenge to the graduating students at Vocans. One that involves entering Orc territory to complete a risky mission. With loyal demons by their sides, commoners and nobles, dwarves and elves must overcome barriers of class and race and work together to triumph. The reward: a fortune in gold, the safety of an empire and PEACE.

With the entire empire watching, Fletcher has much to prove, but there are those out to get him and it soon becomes clear that there's a traitor in their midst, trying to thwart the mission and create unrest within the Empire.

With everything stacked against him, Fletcher must use everything in his power to fight his way to victory.
In the Summoner series, summoners must capture demons using portals between the demon world (the Ether) and their own. These demons become their familiars, and are also their owner’s source of mana (energy used for performing spells). Young summoners are trained at Vocans Academy, until they graduate as battlemages and become officers in the army, join the Celestial Corps (demon riding pilots) or join the Dragoons (demonic cavalry). Below are just a few of the demons that appear in The Inquisition, released on May 10th in North America.

Peryton - Level 9

The most favoured demon of the Celestial Corps, Perytons appear as winged, horse-sized stags, with majestic antlers branching from their foreheads. Their front legs end in hooves, yet their back legs are clawed like a falcon’s, complete with deadly talons that can do serious damage. Instead of the traditional bob that all deers have, these demons have long, elegant tail feathers. While their herds migrate sporadically across Hominum’s part of the ether, they are considered the most common of the flying steeds available to Hominum’s summoners. 
Oni - Level 10

Oni appear similar in size and stature to orcs and are a favoured demon among veteran shamans. They are characterised by their crimson red skin, a pair of horns erupting from their foreheads and overdeveloped upper and lower canines. Though they appear bright, Onis are more animal than sentient being, with less intelligence than the average Mite.
Manticore - Level 12 (Charles Faversham)

This rare demon has bat-like wings and forelimbs, a scorpion tail and the body of a lion, though the dark fur is interspersed with sharp spines. The Manticore’s leonine face can sometimes appear almost human, and their features are capable of expressing complex emotion. Their venom is so potent that one droplet will kill a man within minutes. Members of the Raleigh family are said to be immune.

Ifrit - Level 13

The Ifrit is an elemental akin to the Golem, aligned with fire rather than stone. A close cousin to the ice powered Jotun, its skin appears to be made of blazing lava. This fire elemental is immensely strong and is even capable of breathing flames from its mouth. It is one of the more powerful demons that orc shamans are able to capture from their part of the ether.
Jotun - Level 13

Jotuns are only known from a fleeting mention in a single ancient elvish scroll, though Hominum’s scholars dispute the authenticity of this text. Described as giant humanoids that appear as if hewn from ice, they are said to be capable of freezing all that they touch. These demons are suspected of living in the snowy icecaps of the ethers tallest mountains.
Wendigo - Level 13 (Zacharias Forsyth)

The Wendigo is a rare demon that is known to follow the Shrike migration across the ether, eating the carcasses of their victims. Despite its role as a carrion eater, the Wendigo is a powerful beast in its own right, with corded muscle lining its skinny frame. Standing as high as eight feet tall, it has branching antlers, a wolf-like head and long arms that it uses to knuckle the ground like a gorilla. It is known to have the mottled grey skin of a corpse and the stench to match, most likely from its regular consumption of rotting flesh.
Wyvern - Level 15
The Wyvern is the orcs’ main counter to the demons of the Celestial Corps. These enormous, scaled creatures have bat-like wings, a long, spiked tail and a horned, crocodilian head. Their skin is so tough and cartilaginous that only a lance or well-placed musket ball can pierce it. Other than their jaws, the Wyvern’s main weapons are their powerful legs, which are tipped with the hooked hind-claws of a raptor. They are slower than most flying demons and are often backed up by the more agile Shrikes, Strixes and Vesps.
Phantaur - Level 20

The Phantaur is as much an elephant as a Minotaur is a bull. With its serrated tusks, sturdy fists and a height of over ten feet, it is a force to be reckoned with. Thought to be the rarest and most powerful demon available to orc shamans, only one has ever been seen. Little is known of their behaviours and habitats. It is thought that the one Phantaur to have been captured has been passed down through thousands of generations of shamans, its origins lost to the mists of time.

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Taran was born in London in 1990 and found a passion for reading at a very early age. His love for stories developed into a desire to create his own during early adolescence, beginning his first book at 9 years old.

Straight after graduating with a First Class degree in Business Administration, Taran was keen to explore a new avenue and get inside the publishing world, landing an internship in Digital Sales at Penguin Random House, from June to September 2013.

Thereafter, while taking time off to travel, Taran began to write ‘Summoner’ in November 2013 at the age of 22, taking part in ‘Nanowrimo 2013’. 

Thanks to and updating daily, its popularity dramatically increased, reaching over 3 million reads in less than six months. 

After being featured by NBC News, Taran decided to launch his professional writing career and has never looked back.

His SUMMONER trilogy is published by Hodder Children’s (Hachette) in the UK, Australia and Commonwealth, Feiwel and Friends (Macmillan) in the US and Canada, Hachette Jeunesse in France, Heyne in Germany, Planeta in Spain, Crown in Taiwan and Record in Brazil. Book 1 will be published by EKSMO in Russia, Jaguar in Poland, Ecliptic in Bulgaria and Alpress in the Czech Republic.


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