March 2, 2017

Awakening: Bloodline Blog Tour: Excerpt + Giveaway


Awakening: Bloodline (Book One)
Author: Tiera Rice
Genre: New Adult Fantasy/Paranormal

Publication Date: October 12, 2016


Antanasia knows better than anyone that being royal comes with lots of expectations. Born into war as a Vampyre Witch, she has to battle the ultimate enemy: her own blood. When she has a terrifying Vision, Antanasia fights harder than ever to prevent it from coming to pass. Will she succeed? Or does she die trying?

Nadia is an average teenager celebrating her nineteenth birthday. But her day turns upside down when she starts developing unusual abilities that make her question everything she knew. Searching for answers to her predicament, she finds herself trusting Nicolae, a stranger with a familiar presence. Why does she feel so drawn to him? Will Nadia find answers to the questions about her past and take on her new role willingly? Or will she choose to remain in the dark and deny her destiny?

San Francisco, California

Rays of sunlight beamed down on the woman as she took a sip of her iced tea. She leaned back into her chair, her brown eyes focused on a young mother walking down the street with a toddler in tow. The woman closed her eyes and smiled, lifting her head towards the sky. A gentle breeze flitted by, causing strands of her dark hair to fly into her face and tickle her nose. As she began to wrap her hair into a ponytail, she felt a familiar presence approaching.

“I’ve been expecting you, Păzitor,” she said to the Keeper as he pulled up a chair to sit next to her. She noted the shabby state of his clothing and the grave look he was giving her.

“You understand why I am here, Vrajitoare,” he said.

“I do.” Gently holding her swollen belly, the woman shifted in her seat to regard the Keeper. “We have avoided the affairs of the Strigoi for many centuries, but I have foreseen what destruction awaits us should we fail in this task.” The woman gazed at her belly sadly and let out a deep sigh before returning her gaze to the Păzitor. “We must do everything necessary to prevent that from happening—the Order of the Dragon must not gain control or all will be lost.” The Keeper merely nodded in agreement. “Where is the fiintă?” she asked.

Reaching inside the collar of his jacket, the Keeper pulled out a small corked potion bottle affixed to his necklace. Inside the bottle was a swirling mass of brilliant white light.

“She’s beautiful,” the woman whispered in awe, eyes reflecting the glow of the light. She held out her hand and he handed her the bottle.

“Indeed,” he said in return.

The light continued to dance in the bottle. At the touch of the woman’s hand, it changed from white to green. The Keeper’s eyes widened as he watched the light continue to change to red and, finally, to gold.

“I have never seen the Essence take that color before.” He beamed at her—for the first time, he was hopeful. Still mesmerized by the light, the woman uncorked the bottle and put the rim to her lips. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back and drank the contents in a single draught.

As she swallowed, her whole body seemed to glow until the essence was all ingested. Her skin became flawless and clear, shaving years off of her features. As her skin returned to its normal fair color, she could feel the Essence searching within her before nestling in the pit of her womb, becoming one with her unborn daughter. She inhaled deeply and opened her eyes, now bright and flecked with gold.

“It is done.”

Tiera Rice was raised in Rockland County, New York and is a realtor in Rockland, Westchester, and Orange Counties. She earned her degree in criminal justice from Temple University, is the founder of Laughter and Lemonade: a project that focuses on motivational posters for those experiencing a chronic illness, and co-founder of #26forTiera: a foundation that provides financial resources to single parents battling life-threatening illnesses.

A creator of poems and short-stories for many years, Tiera challenged herself by leaping into the world of novels. Having recently survived a battle with cancer, Tiera decided to use her writing to entertain and motivate her readers. When not writing or selling houses, Tiera can be found spending time with her friends and family, especially her young daughter, fish, and kitty cat. Her other interests include singing, drawing, and dancing.


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