March 2, 2017

Reignited Blog Tour: Guest Post, Review + Giveaway

Reignited (Reawakened #0.5)

Author: Colleen Houck
Genre: YA Mythology/Fantasy
Release Date:  February 21, 2017
Paperback; 224 pages


A sibling rivalry.
A forbidden romance.
A spell that changes everything.

In Heliopolis secrets abound and passions ignite as chaos rises.

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Tiger’s Curse series and Reawakened comes a novella full of celestial marvel, passion, betrayal, and evil that will grow to reign over humanity forever.

Before Lily and Amon met, before the cosmos was in chaos and needed three brave brothers to fight off evil, there were four siblings who helped rule the earth.

Each sibling had a special gift. Osiris, the god of agriculture, helped mortals to grow and thrive in their natural environment. Isis, the goddess of creation, fostered health and wellness. Nephthys, the seer, was able to keep the balance between all living beings and the universe. But Seth, the youngest sibling, was left without any special powers. The Waters of Chaos, which granted each god’s talent, were running dry, and Seth was paying the price.

As time passed, however, Seth’s determination and willfulness resulted in a very special gift, one that should have granted him the ability to enact wondrous change. But Seth’s competitive childhood gave him a heart so cold and vacant that instead, his gift brought about great evil.

Seth was now the god of unmaking, the creator of disorder and destruction. And he was ready to seek his revenge, dominating all who got in his way.   


"[A] must-read for thrill-seekers and fans of alternate worlds."—RT Book Reviews

"Rick Riordan fans who are looking for another series will delight in this fantasy."—SLJ

"Littered with Egyptian mythology and snappy dialogue, this romantic adventure is a good choice for graduates of Rick Riordan or fans of Houck’s Tiger’s Curse series."—Booklist

"Fans of paranormal romance will love the Egyptian spin on this story of devotion and sacrifice, and Lily’s humor, combined with plentiful dangerous escapades, will keep readers engaged."—VOYA

"The author weaves her story out of Egyptian lore, cinematic magic, selfless love, and . . . is clever enough to remain surprising even to the last sentence."—Kirkus Reviews

“Houck’s moving depiction of the love between Lily and Amon is memorable."—Publishers Weekly

"Wonderfully written and…the heart-pounding adventures are topped only by the heart-melting romance."—The Deseret News

"A sparkling new novel with a fully imagined world and mythos, and crackling romance! Egyptian mythology has never been this riveting!"—Aprilynne Pike, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Wings series, on Reawakened, book one in the series   

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Reignited is a companion novel to the young adult fantasy Reawakened series. This is a sort of prequel, and doesn't feature the main characters from the other books. It revolves around Seth - one of four siblings charged with ruling Earth. The other siblings have special gifts and powers to help them in their roles, but Seth didn't get any. He was jealous of his siblings and their gifts and resentful that he alone was without any. Seth had a strong will and determination, which resulted in him getting a very unique power - one with the ability to cause great change. However, Seth had hardened his heart over time and his gift turned to one of evil instead. He becomes the god of chaos and destruction - and he's determined to get his revenge on anyone who gets in his way.

This was a fantastic addition to the wonderful Reawakened series. The author infuses each book with tons of mythology and lore, and this novel was no different. I love learning about the gods and the myths surrounding them. They are full of vivid imagery and rich details that bring each part of the story to life for the reader. I enjoyed getting to know each of the siblings including the main character, Seth. Although you pretty much know what's going to happen before you start reading, I felt both empathy for Seth and sad because of the overall outcome. He has so many great qualities that are eventually squashed due to resentment and a hard heart. I definitely recommend this book to fans of the genre, along with fans of the series - both old and new. You can read this story at any point in the series - before the others or after - and you won't be confused at all. It's a great complement and I can't wait to see where the series will take us next.
New York Times Bestselling author Colleen Houck is a lifelong reader whose literary interests include action, adventure, paranormal, science fiction, and romance. When she’s not busy writing, she likes to spend time chatting on the phone with one of her six siblings, watching plays, and shopping online. Colleen has lived in Arizona, Idaho, Utah, California, and North Carolina and is now permanently settled in Salem, Oregon with her husband and a huge assortment of plush tigers.

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