November 27, 2022

Armadas in the Mist Blog Tour: Excerpt + Giveaway

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot  on the ARMADAS IN THE MIST by Christian Klaver Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out  my post and make sure to enter the giveaway! 


ARMADAS IN THE MIST (The Empire of the House of Thorns #3)
Author: Christian Klaver
Release Date: December 6, 2022
Publisher: CamCat Books
Formats: Hardcover, paperback, eBook, Audiobook
Pages: 332

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The Black Shuck’s forces gather just  beyond the mist...

Captain Justice Kasric knows how  complicated family can be. The escalating Human-Faerie war has scattered and  wounded her siblings and transformed her parents beyond recognition. After  narrowly escaping yet another dangerous clash, fifteen-year-old Justice has had  enough. She’s determined to defeat the Black Shuck, the mysterious leader  controlling the Faerie invasion of London, but if Justice hopes to stand a  chance at victory, she’ll have to do the impossible: reunite her family and  lead them against the looming Faerie Armada.


With her mother and brother at the  helm of the enemy fleet, and the prophesized Seven Virtues slipping out of  reach, Justice more than has her work cut out for her. Even if she can save  England, the cost may be higher than she’s willing to pay.


“Fire!” I bellowed.

Render echoed the command and the team did their jobs quickly and efficiently. The lighting torch descended and the cannons fired, belching out smoke. The glyphs and sigils glowed on the side. Father’s work. The magic that allowed the cannons to penetrate through the Faerie protection against normal weapons.

The shot was well aimed. Impossible to see near the darkness of the Wild Hunt, but the screaming cry of the cannonball hurtling past would alert the entire hunt of its presence.

Cernunnos, leading the hunt, turned away from the cannon shot, angling off to our starboard but still coming. Black, oily, billowing thunderclouds rolled out before the Wild Hunt while crackling lightning lit them from above and below. Flurries of storm crows flew in and out of the storm, screaming fit to wake the dead. As the cloud unfurled in the sky, dozens of bone-white hounds, their ember eyes flashing, their red, red tongues lolling horribly, ran along the advancing edge, always on the verge of outstripping the cloud and falling off, only they never did. The baying of the hounds added mournful notes to the crash of thunder. They weren’t coming at us anymore, but circling, which wasn’t exactly a comfort.

Behind them came the riders themselves, on steeds the color of soot with red eyes to match those of the hounds. The riders, most of them, were little better than beasts themselves, with pale, naked flesh and wild manes of hair, howling and screaming fit to drown out the crows, the hounds, even the storm itself.

The vanguard of the Wild Hunt, however, was something else.

The leader was Cernunnos, the heart of the Wild Hunt, shaggy but somehow noble and grand for all that. His great, tined antlers cut through the sky as he rode on. Man and beast both, with the body of a massive stag, charging as he led the way.

Behind him rode the two kings, the King with an Eye Patch, holding a wide-bladed spear, and the King with the Sword, bearded face grim. Both the spear and the sword had runes that shimmered in the half-light, seen one moment, then gone the next.

And after that came someone even more familiar.

Benedict, my brother. Or at least he’d been once. Now regal and haughty and inhuman, with his red eyes and cruel, laughing mouth, he was as wild and dangerous as any rider in the Wild Hunt.

“God,” Henry breathed next to me. “Look at him! He looks...”

“He looks like one of them,” I said, my voice rough in my throat.

Christian  Klaver has been writing for over twenty years, with a number of magazine  publications, including Escape PodDark Wisdom Anthology,  and Anti-Matter. He’s the author of The Supernatural Case Files of  Sherlock Holmes series, but has written over a dozen novels, both fantasy and  sci-fi, often with a Noir bent. He's worked as book-seller, bartender and a  martial-arts instructor before settling into a career in internet security. He  lives just outside the sprawling decay of Detroit, Michigan, with his wife,  Kimberly, his daughter, Kathryn, and a group of animals he refers to as The  Menagerie. He’s also a part of the Untitled Writer’s Group based in Ann Arbor  for the past decade or so with a bunch of equally starry-eyed dreamers and social  misanthropes.

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 (2) winners  will receive a finished copy of ARMADAS IN THE MIST - US Only.

Ends  December 20th, midnight EST.


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